Condos For Sale in Houston That Are An Excellent Buy For A Homeowner

When it comes to Condos For Sale in Houston, they're definitely some condos that are available at a better price than others. Houston has a wide range of real estate. By looking for Houston Condos For Sale, you should be able to find several different varieties of condos, both in size, quality, and price. There are some factors that are going to drive down the price when it comes to a condo in Houston.

For instance, there are short sales, foreclosures, or for sale by owner, where you can typically get a better price than if you were to buy a home through the traditional method of going through a real estate agent. Homes that are sold with a short sale or foreclosure are priced by the bank, and the bank is not in the real estate market, so they try to get the house sold as quickly as possible.

In order to do this, they often have to do bring down the price, so that it is affordable for somebody to purchase, and the house will sell quickly. That is part of their job, they have to price the condo to where it is going to be taken off the market as quickly as possible, because somebody will want to buy it. In doing so, they get all of their short sales and foreclosures sold quickly, so they no longer have to worry about the loan that they lost money on.

Short sales

The difference between a short sale and foreclosure is significant. A short sale is basically when the homeowner was failing to make payments for their house, so the bank decided it was time that they close their loan on them. Essentially, the bank excuses their loan, but they must sell their house immediately. The bank determines what the sale price of the house is going to be, the homeowner has no say in this. However, the homeowner is still allowed to stay in the house, even though they're no longer going to own it. They stay in the house until the condo officially sells, so they have all of this time to prepare themselves to move out.


A foreclosure is very different from a short sale, because the homeowner is literally evicted from the premises. They are no longer allowed to live on site, the bank has determined that their failure to make payments was severe enough to where they should be removed from the home. They must leave immediately, the house is put up on the market for sale at a very low price. Sometimes, foreclosures are cash only sales. You cannot finance a foreclosure if this is the case. They do this because they price the house so low, they know investors are going to be willing to snatch it up right away.

With so many differences when it comes to the real estate market, you should be able to find a good condo at a fair price. Make sure that you search around long enough, connect with a real estate agent that can advise you on what to look for.

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