Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines

Sometimes carpet extractor machines or carpet cleaning machines are also referredto as carpet steam cleaningmachines and thereby add confusion. Carpet cleaners are perceived as carpet steam cleaning machines however carpet cleaners do not use steam for cleaning. The confusion arises due to use of the word steam.

Carpet shampooers are widely used to clean carpets, mats, seat upholstery and other surfaces. The moderately powered machines have the ability to clean soft surface. The maximum output temperature of these machinesis 210 degree F. Huge poweroutputis not required for these machines and the performance depends largely on the agitation level and the cleaning agents used on the surfaces. Output temperature makes it convenient to increase the efficiency and speed of the cleaning process.

Steam cleaning machines are mainly used for cleaning hard surfaces. These powerful machines have a high output temperature that ranges up to 382 degree F. The temperatures might vary based on the model. Steam cleaning machines use steam to clean the surface and the high temperature is significantly responsible for efficient cleaning.

A carpet steam cleaning machine is basically a carpet cleaner without the steam. Sometimes the word carpet steam cleaner is used as a marketing trick to sell the product. We can refer to it as the evolution of carpet cleaning machines. The heating elements were not used in earlier versions of carpet cleaning equipment. Later the manufacturers introduced the heating elements into the system thereby increasing the output temperature. Now the advanced carpet cleaning machines can provide an output temperature of 210 degree F. Such a high temperature might have prompted the marketer to add the word steam to carpet cleaning equipment. Carpet cleaning systems usually don’t have steam output. The output temperatures of these machines can increase further in future but they will not touch the steam range.

Carpet cleaning machines are designed to be used on soft surfaces. If mats, carpets and upholstery are exposed to high temperatures they can get damaged or burned, so the manufacturers try to keep the output temperatures controlled.

The carpet extractor can easily be considered the best carpet cleaning machine. There are different kinds of options available for cleaning professionals and they can choose from variety of carpet cleaners. Low flow technology, multiple heating elements, high output temperature and other features make it convenient for the operators.

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