Merchant Cash Advance is Best for Companies Searching for Funds

A merchant cash advance is best for companies that are searching for funds to carry on with their day-to-day operations. These advances work well for companies that have problems in accessing a loan from the traditional lenders, and need immediate cash.

Irrespective of whether you’ve been denied by the traditional lender, for an investment capital, or small business loan, an advance from merchant cash advance companies is an excellent option that can bring in money when you need it the most.  

You can easily get merchant cash advance as there is not much of paperwork that is required in case of corporate financing. As merchant cash advance companies get back their money as percentage on credit card sales, the time required by them to process your payment is just one week or even less than that. The merchant cash advance companies determine the amount of advance depending upon month-to-month sales, and would decide on the amount you are eligible for.

The repayment of the cash advance is done from your monthly credit sales. Merchant cash advance companies offer cash advance to restaurants, hotels, merchants, and businesses with decent card sales. You can use funds available from merchant cash advance companies for:

•             Growing your business, or for adding new locations

•             Improving your services, products, and to deal with emergencies

•             Buy brand new material and hardware

•             Perform remodeling

•             Promote your business 

The  merchant cash advance companies  that offer cash advance loans have effortless application and approval process. You can even fill the application process online with few merchant cash advance companies. As soon as the lenders determines that you are eligible for advance, their representative will get in touch with you. As merchant cash advance companies take a percentage of your charge card sales, the process to get funds is less nerve racking.

You won’t have to offer any collateral for getting merchant cash advance, and only the following are required: 

•             A minimum prescribed credit score depending upon the lender

•             Bank statements

•             Visa statements

The merchant cash advance is a best way to get extra funds that you need for your day-to-day functioning, and for growing your business. You can get these funds within hours or few days at the most. They are deposited directly to your company’s bank account.

Therefore, in case you are searching for a simple way to get money, you should look for merchant cash advance to solve your financial problems.   

CashFund provides merchants cash advance to allow acceptance of credit and debit cards, offer a wide variety of hardware and software terminals (both wired and wireless), develop integrated cash register solutions, and can even fund your business up to $500,000!


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