Changes In Rate On Office And Warehouse Space In The Austin Area

Austin Warehouse Space For Sale Trends

As reported by industry trends posted by Loopnet, compared to a year earlier industrial plots in the Austin Metro zone are staying on the market for a longer period. This accompanies the fact that although rates of interest are affordable, it is still surprisingly challenging to get funding. The common time on the marketplace for a warehouse building is currently about 256 days. This compares to an average of 231 days for warehouse property on the market within the State of Texas. The minimum amount of time for warehouse space on the market was back in 2009, right now the plots are on the market 93 % longer than 2009.

Compared to last years time on the market, warehouse space has increased it's time on the market 2.6 %.

Austin Office Space Trends

Going toward October of 2012, office space property sales throughout the State of Texas are averaging $ 101 every sf up eight tenths of one percent. The asking prices per square foot have been lowering since mid 2011. Throughout the Austin Metro location, we are observing a surge in market price of office properties coming onto the market since the middle of 2011 with a raise of 3 % in 3 months and year over year increases of 29 %. As far as supply goes, the amount of office spaces for sale within the Austin Texas metro location has fallen dropping about one tenth of one percent, this dwindling has transpired over the past 2 months.

Interest has grown for office space purchases climbing approximately 26 % over the past year. Austin currently ranks 11th out of the leading 48 city areas. Compared with a year earlier Austin office space is taking longer to move off the market. Again, the trends are pointing to financing that is hard to get. The typical time period an office space is on the market in Austin is presently running 229 days for the metro vicinity.

Contract Rate Trends For Austin Office Space

Contract costs for workplace properties went up to an average of $ 17 per square foot compared to the prior quarter. Asking prices have been flat in general inside the past year. In 2008, workplace lease charges were at their apex at around an $ 18 per square foot average. We are now around 10 % lower than we were at the peak cost in 2008. The least expensive rates for business office space were in the $ 15 range per square foot per year in 2005. As for supply, vacancy has decreased six months straight, which is about a 12 % decrease in supply. With that being said, demand for office space has dropped as well approximately 9 % since the summer of 2012 which is less than the nationwide average. Austin at this time ranks forty first out of the top 48 metro zones.

Austin Office Space For Sale Trends

The amount of time an office is on the marketplace within the Austin Metro Area, has reduced 0.7 % in 2012 in comparison to last year. The Texas state standard has dropped as well even more so than the Austin region. In contrast to the lengthiest period of being on the market back in the autumn of 2010, office space properties have been on the marketplace 18 % less.

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