Evaluate Business Appraisal with Plus and Minus of Toll Free Number

Every business organization is planning to raise its infrastructure from the ground level to a virtually enhanced position in the business world today. Toll free number is becoming the fashion of business appraisal today. The decision of toll free is one of the most critical decisions in business communication today. So, if you are in a dilemma whether to give your business a toll free appeal or not, refer to the below mentioned ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ points and see for yourself what would be the best for your business:

Easiest way to contact for customers (+1): There are many business customers that do not call certain DIDs since they feel that there would be considerable costs incurred in calling and if your business doesn’t fall amongst the ones that are on the top of the corporate market, there are chances that a customer my not call in. In this case, toll free number can be a profitable deal since the client may call in any time without worrying about the calling expenses.

Enhanced business image (+1): Every consumer realizes that almost all large business firms maintain a toll free number at their expense to enhance their communication with customers. The presence of this number with the simple implementation of Hosted PBX systems can add to a better business image amongst the dominant players in the business battlefield.

Extending scope beyond business premises (+1): Local numbers are important to build trust amongst the target customers to show them the presence but if the reach of a business is kept local but the presence of 8xx-xxx-xxxx number is essential to allow potential customers from all over the world to reach you. In this way, business expansion can be implemented for paying just a little cost.

Easier way to keep customers satisfied (+1): The freedom that Hosted PBX VOIP driven 800 numbers provides to a business organization is an easier way for customers to get their query resolved. If the customers call in and receive a warm reception and resolution to the problem at hand, they would be glad that the support is good besides being a free of cost service. So, the brand becomes popular with a larger number of satisfied customers.

Junk calls to companies (-1): The presence of a toll free number can have a negative impact on the resources since there are many callers that call in just to pass their time thereby making this number a liability for the system to hold.

Not the only communication solution (-1): The use of a single toll free number through the Small Business PBX system is not the complete solution. Every company also needs to maintain certain local numbers as well for calling to the local clients and saving the expense of a toll free.

So, the positives of toll free number account to +4 whereas the negatives account to -2. The overall score is still +2. So, definitely, setting up 800 numbers with the help of Hosted PBX services can appraise your business no matter how small your business firm is.


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