Why Your Small Business Doesn't Need To Look Like A Bigger Business

At the weekend I took a browse through the Marketing Donut website to search for some great tips or new information to share with you and I couldn't believe what I came across.

In an age where authenticity and creating a unique brand experience is key to success; why, oh why are British business owners being given advice on "How to look like a bigger business"

If you read between the lines you will see that the article is actually about creating a professional image which is a great thing but confusing 'professional image' with 'looking like a bigger business' is a huge mistake to make.

Forgive me if I am wrong but surely your marketing strategy should be based on something more substantial than a gamble on advice with double meanings.

Worse still, this article doesn't look into the reason why creating a professional image that makes you look like a bigger business can help you win contracts.

How to have the same appeal as bigger companies...without faking it!

To do this we need to take a look at the reason behind bigger companies being more appealing. It's not because they are bigger or because they have nicer business cards. It comes down to one simple word.


The reason why people particularly other companies will opt for a larger more 'established' company is the perception of risk. Eliminate this and you will increase your appeal no end.

First things first I want to talk about price. Many small business owners resort to lowering their price to raise their appeal but this is a big mistake. Suzanne Evans puts it best:

"Your price is your announcement to the world of the confidence you have in what you have to offer"

The fact is unless your target market puts price over any other factor; lowering your price increases the perception of risk. It's no good trying to convince others to trust you if you don't even trust yourself.

Let's focus on confidence in quality.

How can you assure prospective customers that you can deliver quality products/services? Do you have any measures in place to ensure things can be completed within strict timescales? What support do you have in case of illness, machine failure or anything else that can go wrong?

If you can make your small business a safe bet then you don'e have to worry about looking like a big business.

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