Primary Advantages Of GPS Vehicle Tracking

There are occasions when the driver needs to leave his vehicle un-monitored temporarily, but can't do so mainly because it could easily get lost, particularly if the fleet is carrying essential and high-priced items. The perfect solution is is to deploy GPS tracking system which often can offer protection and security. Unacceptable driving traits need to be rectified and it can only be measured by a system that can track sudden braking, speeding and others.

Whilst a GPS vehicle tracking system can generate realtime position reporting direct to base, a mobile asset tracking system can supervise goods delivery cars by the use of built-in motion sensors and door tracking.

Additionally, fleet insurers are often supplied with critical, irrefutable verification of a much safer fleet operation by a in-depth fleet gps tracking work history of each vehicle. By extension, safety and insurance issues, are moreover seen as a Duty Of Care obligation by fleet employers of driver behaviour. Vehicle crime is now reduced as well as recovery rate improved with implementation of such systems.

Reports reveal which cars parked on industrial estates accounted for the overwhelming majority HGV theft, whilst just over 10 per cent of cars were removed from factory /warehouse parking areas, a third of that over the weekend, so the loss would not be discovered until the Monday morning. Mobile asset tracking solutions in an integrated fleet risk management that works in tandem with major insurance companies. It may take the unfortunate occurrence of a first theft right before serious thought is given to relooking at a company's current reliability measures and consideration is given to installing a vehicle tracking instrument.

Nearly all victims of HGV theft have found to be SMEs employing ten staff or much less followed by the construction industry appearing to become the nearly all vulnerable, lastly, distribution and haulage. There is undoubtedly, a considerable productivity advantage to an entire fleet by making certain absolute, safe driver behaviour. Other benefits include reduced potential losses from accident or theft, which can create favorable environment that could increase every facet of the company's operation.

Incredibly, various HGVs still just possess the barest minimum of reliability protection, like an ineffectual steering lock and intruder alarm and thus, too easily stolen from establishments, even within locked gates and/or fencing. To decrease high annual insurance premium renewals, implementation of effective fleet tracking systems can save companies thousands of dollars in cost. It also boost driver behavior which can save lives and property.

Trakpro® provides proven GPS Fleet tracking and telematics results to small and big scale commercial fleets and customers vehicles around Australia and PNG. Our company gives clients an extensive fleet management system that grows with your company.


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