Web Hosting and SEO: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company

What first comes to mind with search engine optimization (SEO) is your website and how it links with other websites, so it's easy to overlook the importance of web hosting in search engine ranking. Web hosting and SEO are directly related to each other and ideally, your web host is also your SEO company, so you know that your website's foundation is as effective as possible for SEO.

Consider these 4 aspects when choosing a web hosting and SEO company:

1. Website Loading Time

The purpose of search engines is to choose the best websites to show Internet users. This usually means the most relevant websites, but how quickly a website loads is an equally important factor. If Internet users are frustrated by slow loading times and frequently leave your website, search engines are less likely to show your website or rank it highly in the future. A web hosting and SEO company you can trust will have good servers with less websites per server, so your website has the best chance of loading quickly.

2. Installation of Updates

Web hosts need constant upgrades for optimal functioning of the server and website. If your web hosting and SEO company fails to install a update, it puts your website at risk of attack by hackers or malicious code. A single unfortunate attack could lead to losing your website, which means that you would need to start your SEO efforts from scratch with a website that search engines believe is entirely new. You need to be able to trust that your web hosting and SEO company will stay up to date with patches.

3. Unique Identifiers

A website is identified by an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which allows it to communicate over the World Wide Web. Any web host that doesn't have SEO in mind may assign the same IP address to all websites on a server, which search engines interpret to mean that all of those websites are managed by the same person. Any interlinking between those websites could seem like spam and have a negative impact on the SEO of all websites under that IP address.

4. Maximum Accessibility

Your SEO efforts are for naught if your website isn't online. An irresponsible web hosting and SEO company has servers that frequently crash or packs too many websites on a server, which leads to slow service. When this happens, your website disappears from the Internet, and you lose potential clients and customers who may see your company as unprofessional. Furthermore, there are consequences for your search engine ranking if search engine spiders find your website offline.

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