Get an 800 Number

An 800 number is often referred to as a toll free number. About 20 years ago, an 800 number was easily recognizable as the prefix was always 800, however due to the popularity and relatively ease in obtaining them, toll free numbers can now start with 800, 855, 866, 877, or 888. By going through the process to get an 800 number allows customers all over the world to contact your business without incurring long distance charges. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any telephony charges associated with having a toll free number, it just means that the liability of these charges transfers to you rather than falling on your customer’s shoulders.

To get an 800 number, the process is very simple. In most cases, you can request and be set up with a toll free number within a few hours to a few days. The first step is to contact your local telephone company to see what numbers are available. If you have a particular number in mind, such as a number that spells the name of your business or incorporates a slogan, you may request that number. However, if that number is unavailable, your telephone company will advise you of that fact and provide you with a list of available numbers.

After you select a number, you must then designate what number you wish the toll free number to “point to”. When you get an 800 number, it doesn’t work like a regular local telephone number, per se. The toll free number will forward your caller to a specified local telephone number, like the one you have in your business. If you want your toll free number to ring at your house rather than an external business, you “point” the 800 number to your home telephone number. Either way, you will need to have local service in placein order to get an 800 number.

And that’s pretty much it. Any charges you incur by having the toll free number including the monthly access charge and any toll charges incurred when customers use it will be included on your regular monthly bill provided by your servicer. And when you determine you no longer need the number, you can cancel the service just as you would any other telephony service provided by your carrier.

If your business depends on customers over a large area where many would incur long distance charges, getting an 800 number is a no brainer. Customers who have to contemplate paying a long distance charge in order to place an order may choose to order from a competitor who has an 800 number. Don’t lose customers due to unnecessary telephony charges and get a toll free number as soon as possible.

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