A Christmas Card Mistake - Don't Be A Scrooge This Christmas

It's the Holiday Season and that means it's time to mail those Christmas Cards out to your important customers.

You never want your customers to think you've forgotten about them or put them on the back burner - especially during the Holiday Season. But that could easily happen if you don't make an effort to stay in touch with them. While there isn't a universally effective approach - what works for staying in touch with some of your clients very well might not work for your other clients - one thing is certain: finding effective ways to stay in touch with all of your clients and making a regular effort to do so is critical. If you don't stay in touch with them, you run the risk of losing them.

Think about it. Chances are your business has lost clients at some point due to increased competition and the economic downturn. One thing that can help you retain your clients is to regularly communicate. In addition to making them feel valued and appreciated, they will almost certainly be more loyal to your company and therefore less likely to look elsewhere.

The biggest reason to stay in touch with your clients and customers is simply to keep them as your clients and customers. It really is that simple. If you don't stay in touch with your clients, someone else will. The relationship you've built with your clients is like a living organism. You have to care for it and nurture it. Fail to nurture it and it will unfortunately, just fade away. The bottom line isit is always the right time to reach out to your customers...and there is never a good enough excuse not to do it. Clients pay your bills, fund your paychecks, and keep your business alive and growing.

Now, there's no question you want to say hello during the Holidays to your clients. You want to wish them the best this Christmas season. You want them to know you appreciate them and, of course, that you value their business and their referrals. But it is a huge job. It is a time consuming job and to be honest it's a monotonous, and laborious job at that. And after all your concerted effort, you wonder will they even notice your card? Won't it just blend in with all the others? But, to not send out your Christmas Cards is to lose an opportunity and miss a clear touch point with your customers - a chance to let them know you appreciate them and that you are thinking of them. No doubt the competition - the tough competitiors - will be sending their Christmas Cards out.

So you go out to the Mall. Your first option and first thought is to just buy a box of generic cards. But then you go blank trying to figure out what the right thing is to say to your customers. Besides, how many cards would you end up throwing away because you misspell something or just mess up? And how is your handwriting? Is it legible? Even after the 50th card?

So, you give up on that idea and start to wade through the selection of cards. It's an especially tough job. In fact, it's just not happening. You just can't seem to find the one you need. None of them really say what you want but finally you settle on a card that will just have to do. You'd expected it to go better but you give up. It's tough to find a card that really says what you want. It has to have the right sentiment but it can't be too personal. After all it is a greeting card for your business contacts.

Next question. Do you print address labels (that is very impersonal) or take the time to personally hand write each of the addresses? Now that's definitely very time consuming, dreaded job for sure!

Yes, you know that sending cards and notes to customers increases the number of referrals they send you, but it's very time-consuming. And to be honest it is very costly!

Year after year I just didn't do a good job with this. Every New Year I would decide that next year, I'd do better. And every Christmas would come and go - just the same as the last. But there is a better way. There is a more convenient, less expensive, more personal and more memorable way to get this done. I found a great tool. It's a way to automate your customer contacts, and yet send real Holiday Cards - in your own handwriting. A company called SendOutCards has the answer for your business. SendOutCards has created an ideal world for salespeople when it comes to sending out real Christmas Cards, in fact any type of card for that matter, with personal notes written in your own handwriting. And it's all done for about $1.00 a card (including postage).

You might want to look into this service and let SendOutCards get the job done for you this year.

SendOutCards is an online system that allows you to select a card from a choice of thousands, write your personal note and send a real printed greeting card in about 60 seconds. And - something we all like - you can do this from the comfort and convenience of your own home at any time, day or night. This service also makes it easy for you to create campaigns for sending cards to your customers (like a Christmas Card or Holiday Card Campaign, a "contact me" reminder campaign, or just a special note to say thanks). This means you can select a card, then select a group of contacts to whom you would like to mail, and at the click of a button your card will be personalized in your very own handwriting font, personalized to each individual or business by name, and sent out the very next day with a first class stamp affixed.

These are not bulk mail cards that are thrown away even before they are read. They are unique to you and can even be personalized with your personal photo, their photo (or any picture - even a business logo) and sent out the next day - and that's guaranteed. No more aching hand. No misspellings. No bulk mail. No getting it out too late. No searching for stamps.No generic card that doesn't stand out. But wait, it gets even better ...

With this resource, not only will you never forget important people in your life and in your business - you demonstrate genuine appreciation. Appreciation Marketing comes out on top every time. With SendOutCards you can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a huge difference in other people's lives. The interesting thing I've found is that the more I send out and express appreciation and words of encouragement to others, the more satisfied and fulfilled I am - above and beyond the financial rewards.

This product also enables you to include a gift with your cards when you feel it is appropriate. Talk about huge help! And with the holidays nearing, you will simplify your life and lower your stress level by using it.

Finding systems and processes to automate needed tasks can be a great asset. Whatever you do, if it is important, you are going to have to find a way to ensure it gets done on a consistent basis. With a product like this you just might be able to enjoy the Holiday season a little more. Do what you have to in order to make your product or service stand out. Set yourself head and shoulders above your competition. Find a way. This competitive edge can make a significant difference. You know the well worn saying, "Keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're". Do you want more? Make a change. Put appreciation back into your marketing strategy and back into your customer relationships - but do it in a win-win fashion. Automate and personalize.. Now that's a win-win!

Join us for a FREE demonstration webinar at http://www.downsteam.com/Webinar and we will introduce you to this amazing system. Make your life easier. Make your company stand head and shoulders above the rest. To learn how you can put our prodcut to work for you and your business - take a look at our introductory video: http://downsteam.com/YourChristmasSolution.


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