Door to Door Sales Might Be YOUR Ticket

Door to door sales -- or canvassing as it's officially called -- scares the dickens out of most people. But I've found some folks get really excited about telling their story to as many people as they can, including going through a neighborhood and knocking on doors.

Even if you NEVER plan to canvass, the basics every good door to door salesperson knows can come in handy anytime you have to meet prospective customers face to face.

Dress like your customers. If you're going door to door in a business park, dress in a business suit. If you're canvassing a residential neighborhood, business casual will work fine. Dark colors like blacks and grays always make you look more formal. Dressing nice puts your prospects at ease.

Start by pointing out something about the customer. "I love what you've done with this door decoration. It's lovely! Hi, I'm Kevin Nunley from" Or -- "I saw your write-up in the paper this morning. Great story about your business. I'll bet you're hearing that from a lot of people!"

Find out if your prospect is interested in buying your product, service, or idea. Some people don't like being sold, so they may try to get rid of you. Persist just a bit to find out if they really COULD use your product. If they can't, thank them, wish them a nice day, and move on. No sense wasting your time and theirs.

If the prospect IS interested, start moving through the BENEFITS your product offers:
* It saves time
* It saves money
* It gets more work done
* It makes a tough job easier
* It makes you look younger

Ask questions. Try to get the prospect to talk about themselves, their expectations, their frustrations. Then immediately switch to talking about the customer.

Remember to ABC -- Always Be Selling. As soon as the customer says "yes, I'd like one" -- STOP! -- Pull out your order pad and start writing up the order.

Good canvassers know selling is a numbers game. A certain percentage of prospects are going to slam the door in you face. Just keep plugging away to make your sales.

Remember, when a prospect rejects you, immediately say to yourself "I'm fine, I'm good at what I do, and I'm doing the right thing. This person just wasn't ready to buy--yet."

You can make these principles of door to door sales work for you. If you work behind a counter, sell over the phone, or simply discuss your business at local meet-ups, these canvasser abc's will come in handy in helping you build your business and get sales.

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