The Best Way To Shop For A Used Car

Many people need to save money these days. With such a horrible economy, and no end in sight, tightening the belt has become a normal course of action for most people. Gone are the days of living high on the hog and buying everything in site. Gone are the days of buying brand new things when the old one was losing its luster.

One of the ways people are saving money is buying used cars instead of new cars. Because new cars lose their value so quickly, buying a used one can save you a lot of money, and give you must as much car in return. Especially when you buy a brand that's known for it's longevity and low maintenance. If you can get over your desire to be seen in the latest blinged out SUV, you can save a ton of cash by getting a used car.

The trouble is shopping for one. When you buy a new car, you have the law on your side. When you are buying a used car, your on your own. It's as is, meaning once you bought it, there's no turning back. That means you've got to understand a bit about the car and what to look for.

You can do plenty of research on used cars that hold their value. There's plenty of data that show how much mileage you should expect from a car when it's taken care of. Generally speaking, any late model car from the 2000's is going to last a long time. The big things to check for are oil changes and other basic maintenance.

The other main thing to check for is body damage. If your buying it from a private party, always ask why they are selling it. Sometimes people have a lemon that they cover up with a nice paint job in hopes of cheating somebody. Unless they give you a believable reason for selling it, go somewhere else. Also, you should check their maintenance record.

One thing you'll need to keep in mind that buying a used car takes time. It's not like buying new car where you can do it in one afternoon. Plan on spending a few months. Spend at least a few weeks researching cars and choosing the make, model, and year that you're after. Then spend another few weeks hunting around for a good deal from a reputable buyer.

If you find a really good deal, that means that everybody else that is looking for that car is interested as well. So have the cash ready, and be able to pull the trigger when the time comes.

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