Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer. Due to the mysterious location in the abdominal cavity, this is difficult to monitor and patients who opt for a doctor will generally arrive to the terminal situation.

This is the reason why the treatments have little chances to make their effect. The life expectancy of patients achieved from metastasis is approximately 3 to 6 months after diagnosis. The bad news is that 50% of the patients who already have metastasis, when they arrive to the doctor with the first symptom that they felt.

Pancreatic cancer is not considered to be in the first 10 common forms as cancer. Anyway, pancreatic cancer threatens both men and women, after the age of 45 years. There are a few symptoms that require your attention, because these can express that something goes wrong.

  1. You have diabetes that installed suddenly, without any signs. 40% of the patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer were diagnosed with diabetes with 1 or 2 years before discovering their malignancy. And scientists believe that diabetes is caused in some cases by the presence of a tumor in the body that remained undetected. Of course, diabetes is a quite common disease. A lot of people who are diagnosed with diabetes are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as well. Diabetes remains an indicator, the suspect causes being sudden installation of diabetes in people who don`t have in their familiar history diabetes cases.

  2. Yellowing of the eyes and skin: even the smallest pancreatic tumor can block the duct in gallbladder bile, causing jaundice installation.

  3. Itches on skin, palms and soles: a secondary, but not common effect of jaundice is the appearance of itching in palms and soles. This is the reaction of the skin on bilirubin, the yellow-brown substance that causes yellowing of the skin.

  4. Lack of appetite: with 6-8 months before receiving the diagnose of pancreatic cancer, implied patients into an Italian study stated the sudden decrease of appetite and the tend to feel satiated after eating very little.

  5. Change of taste: in the same Italian study, a part of the diagnosed patients with pancreatic cancer confessed that they suddenly lost the taste for coffee, wine and cigarettes. In addition, they also confessed that the smell of coffee and alcohol causes nausea.

  6. Abdominal burning: this is not about cramps or pain, but burning that radiates to the rear.

  7. Enlarged gallbladder: the bile duct blockage causes accumulation in the bladder and therefore its increase in volume.

  8. Colored, oily and very foul-smelling stools: if a pancreatic tumor prevents penetration of the digestive enzymes in the intestines, the result is the inability to digest fatty foods. This is an early symptom often neglected.

  9. Blackish stools: on the other hand, bleeding in the upper intestines causes this symptom.

  10. Sudden and unexplained weight loss: contrary to popular belief, this is not necessarily a symptom of cancer to the liver enlargement, but it happens as a result of the pancreatic enzyme activity disorder.

Regardless of which of the mentioned symptoms you observe, if you feel yourself as being in trouble, immediately visit a doctor!


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