Movember And How It Will Effect You

There is good reason behind this because they are trying to raise awareness and money for Prostate cancer and other forms of the disease. Movember developed into a charity which has already ready raised millions in its short existence and it is definitely something you should get in to.

The origins of this charity date back to 1999 when an Australian news channel featured a group of men who were growing moustaches during November. A group of 80 men had decided one night in a pub that they were going to grow their facial hair to help raise money.

Although they were raising money for a completely different cause as their aim was to raise money for the RSPCA in Australia. To raise the money that they wanted they were selling t-shirts with a slogan on them which was "Raising whiskers for whiskers." This charity was obviously far from the current meaning for Movember although the origins do lie with this group of men who are still raising money to date.

5 years after the original idea of Movember a completely unrelated group in Melbourne, Australia came up with the current idea of Movember where they raise money for Prostate cancer. As their little event developed they became known as the Movember foundation which is still around today. Since its release they have raised over $175 Million (£108 Million)as their idea has spread to most countries around the world.

To take part in Movember you have to follow their rules as they do make sure that you have a moustache that has only been growing in November. The first rule is that you must begin Movember with a clean and shaven face so that you are prepared for the month ahead and from then you must grow and groom your moustache to keep in in pristine condition. The hair of your moustache cannot meet with your sideburns as this would be considered a beard and your moustache must also not come into contact with any hair on your chin as this would be recognised as a goatee.

Both of these would be considered a failure for the Movember effort. Their final rule is more of a novelty as Movember requires every participant to conduct themselves as a true country gentlemen. These will help your Movember be a success so that you can raise as much money as you can for this great cause.

The charity has had many famous partners that have all done their bit to help make Movember well known and successful. One of the more alternative support methods was from Qantas airlines who decided to paint a moustache on one of their planes as well as the name of the charity and this plane was used regularly meaning the motorised moustache has been seen by millions around the world.

More support came from Google Chrome who partnered themselves with Movember to create a video which generated 1.1 Million views and this featured many well-known faces supporting the cause. Famous faces to support Movember include: Justin Beiber, Joe Jonas, Foster the People, Snoop Dog, Jenson Button and many other faces the limelight.

You should look at getting involved in Movember straight away as you can help raise money for the charity and you can also spread the word of the Movember. Even if you are female you can do your bit for this charity by wearing something like a fake moustache or a beard beanie so that you can show off your facial hair whether it is real or not. At the end of the day it is about supporting the charity.

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