How To Leap To The Head Of The Employment Line

Job hunting is tough. The unemployment rate is close to ten percent, depending on who you believe. And many people who are employed are working at jobs that are beneath their true earning level. That means it's harder than ever to find a good job, simply because it's so competitive. In order to get a leg up on your competition, you've got to take extreme measures.

The good news is that these "extreme measures" aren't really that extreme. They only seem like it because most of your competitors have grown too lazy to make the effort. This means you'll really stand out from the crowd. When you do this, you'll have a much better chance of being hired.

The first thing to do is to always dress sharp. Have you seen the way people dress these days? Some people show up at a job interview looking like they've just rolled out of bed. That means when you take the time to look sharp, you'll be doing a lot better than your competition. One point for you.

Another thing you can do is a bit of research on the company you are interviewing for. This means taking some time online, and finding out what they're all about. If you ask some intelligent questions, you'll do much better than most people, who just show up and want to know how much they're going to get paid and when the vacations are.

Another handy piece of advice is to ditch the attitude of looking for a handout. Most people these days think that it's the company's responsibility to hand out jobs, like they are some kind of welfare office or something. Businesses are in business to make money, not give it away. They'll only hire you if they think they're better of with you on their payroll than without. It's your job to convince them of this.

One last thing is to make sure you send a thank you card. This was common practice in the old days. Most people don't even think to send an email. But when you take the time to sit down and write a nice letter thanking them for giving you an opportunity, you'll really stand out from the crowd.

Sure, using these tips will take a little bit more effort, but you'll be much likelier to get a really good paying job that you'll love. That way, you can start saving your money and really enjoy life.

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