Becoming A Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

LVN is the term used by the States of Texas and California in America.  In almost all other English speaking areas of the world, LVN's are referred to as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Practical Nurse (PN).

When choosing a career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), there are a number of options available for training.  They include online training with internship, brick and mortar with internship, a combination of the two aforementioned or an Associate Degree in Science for Nursing (ASN). Any and all of this training must be accredited by your local nursing board or you will not be able to take your licensing exam.  

When choosing the online option for LVN training, it is possible to receive certification to take the exam within 8 to 12 months.  Many people choose this option and pay for it while they are working a different job in a completely different career.  Some people apply and receive student aid.  

Brick and mortar schools with certificate program are another way to go.  However LVN training programs admittedly are getting more difficult to find at an actual geographic location.  You may have to relocate and adhere to their scheduled program starting and ending dates.

It is possible to combine both online and traditional classroom time providing the learning institution you've selected has online training available.  Most do and this gives you the opportunity to reduce some of the stress of working and attending classes for your new career.

For people who have chosen the traditional nursing career ladder, starting out as a Certified Nursing Assistant, (CNA) the path is a little smoother in that while taking online classes for your LVN certification, your current employer may allow you to put in internship hours at work.

Lastly in choices there is the ASN degree mentioned above. These degrees are available online and at colleges and universities for those choosing this path for the LVN career. An LVN who is serious about a career in nursing, which has for some reason come to know that this is your career, an ASN is a fabulous choice if you have the time, money and resources to pursue a degree rather than certification.  It takes about a year longer but you will graduate far ahead of those in any other program. The sheer fact that you've put in an extra year of study should tell you that. 

But here are the benefits.  While working on your ASN curriculum you'll have the opportunity to complete extra course in the medical field that aren't really required to work as an LVN but will make you a more desirable candidate especiallyif you have no experience besides your internship.  Hopefully with good counseling all of the classes you take will count toward you Bachelors in Science for Nurses (BSN). 

While a certificate program online from an accredited school is acceptable to the nursing authority in your geographical area, the classes may not transfer to a different learning institution should you decide to advance with a BSN.


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