Developmental Psychology Information Regarding Children

Psychologists have always taken a keen interest in carrying research on child behavior psychology to understand their mental position, emotional state of mind, social development and other aspects of intelligence quotient.

Humans are created in such a way that they go through various stages and every stage has its own difficulties and conflicts. The stage of child growth has fascinated many psychologists in the whole world.

Psychologists have taken a lot of concern and have done great deal of research on child behavior psychology that includes their mental position, emotional state of mind, social and other prospects of a child psychology.

A few psychologists with their vital theories are listed below for your reference:

Here are some psychologists, who have debated and made their theories in the subject of child psychology, whose beliefs have given a science a better shape as we retrieve it today. If there would be no theories of these psychologists than every aspect of child psychology is deliberated empty and unknown.

A British psychologist named John Bowlby was born in 1907 and lasted till 1990. He was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and he discovered a theory and explained the kinetics of the relationships between human beings that are being held for the long time.

The Attachment theory, as its name explains itself, is incorporated the subjects of psychological, evolutionary, and ethological theory, that formulates the feelings needed by each child leastwise one primary care provider to originate a bond with, by which a child is progressed normally with social and emotional development.

Another psychologist who was American known as Lawrence Kohlberg born in Bronxville in 1927 and died in 1987, he used to be a professor and taught in the University of Chicago. He did specialization in moral education and reasoning, because of his theory of stages of moral development he got famous and was well known for that. There were three stages, first is Pre-Conventional that explains the obedience and self-centeredness, second is Conventional that includes interpersonal and authority, and the third is Post-Conventional including universal precepts.

Erik Erikson was both a pasychologist and psychoanalyst. He was born in 1902 and died in 1994. He transmigrated along with his wife to United States in 1933 after his graduation. He got positions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Psychological Clinic and Harvard's Medical School and became the first child psychoanalyst in Boston. His theory of Psychological development incriminated that a perfect process of human development comprehends eight stages that prescribes the whole child development that includes the elements as in trust, will, shame, sense of purpose etc.

A psychologist known as Jean Piaget was a Swiss development psychologist. He was born in 1896 and lasted till 1980. He was the Director of the International Bureau of Education. He was a specialist in epistemology of children. He was well known for the work on the core child growth and named it as a theory of cognitive development that how it is applied and employed. He used five stages to explain this theory.

A Russian psychologist Vygotsky was born in Belarus in 1896 and died in 1934. He had spent his childhood in Gomel and went to Moscow State University for his studies but later he shifted to Shaniavsk People's University. His finding were that groups of people who are social build their knowledge for each other, and makes one another to have a mutual understanding with shared meanings and then everybody comes up with socially-acceptable meanings.

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