Lake Ouachita - A Hidden Paradise in Arkansas

Snuggled in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas is a beautiful lake called Lake Ouachita (pronounced WAH-shi-tah). I have been visiting this lake for over 5 years now and I'm blown away by it's beauty each and every time. It's not only one of the quietest lakes around, but it's also extremely clean.

While you'll probably find it more busy during Holidays, it's still not packed like most lakes. If you're worried about vacationing during calmer times, I would suggest going during a weekend when there isn't a holiday going on, although I've been there during Labor Day weekend and it was fairly calm, while other nearby lakes (Catherine or, especially, Hamilton) are very busy. You'll be surprised by how beautiful this lake is, but even more surprised by how few people even realize where it is!

The fishing on this lake is absolutely great. You can find Striped Bass (Stripers) the size of small children around most of the lake. I highly encourage you to hire a guide for Striper fishing as you'll be able to locate them much easier. Crystal Springs is an excellent area to fish for Stripers out on the lake. You will find a variety of fish, including Gar, different species of Catfish, etc. If you can name it, it probably exists in this lake.

The lake has great areas for boating, although the best thing about it is that it's mostly quiet. It's rare to find drunken 21 year old kids out racing while you and your kids are trying to have fun, like other lakes.

There's several Marinas in the area, although I always stay near Mountain Harbor, so I always visit that Marina, which has anything you'll need for fishing and at reasonable prices. There's also a lot of variety of snacks and even a Subway inside. Of course, you can also rent equipment and boats, as well as fill up your boat with Gas.

What I really like about Mountain Harbor is the resort feel to it all. Of course, it's technically called "Mountain Harbor Resort," but the condos for rent and the areas they reside is what I'm referring to. You can rent condos for a great price, especially if you go during the week. They're all located in very tranquil locations. You'll see plenty of deer (and babies) near the roads, so always be careful while driving in these areas!

The condos are all very nice inside and give you that outdoors feel, all while being inside an updated unit. The staff keeps them clean and the staff is also very friendly, too. 

If you're looking for a great place to take your kids, I highly suggest Lake Ouachita, and especially Mountain Harbor Resort. It's a great place to vacation if you like quiet, clean lakes. Just please do your part in keeping the area clean for everyone else!

Oh yeah, as for Wildlife, you will see quite a bit of different species during your stay, so keep an eye out. The last time I visited I saw a Deer swimming across a channel, as well as many different types of birds. I was told that there was an otter swimming near a boat that my family was on, although I had stayed on land during that outing. You'll see plenty of deer, birds, fish, squirrels, turtles everywhere you look, and maybe even coyotes and snakes. Arkansas has a lot of cool wildlife, so you may even see more!


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