How To Clean a Crystal Vase

Crystal vases have been made for centuries and are always a thing of beauty in your home. They are made of glass to which at least 24 percent of lead oxide is added. And while this makes the glass more glossy and shining, it also makes it quite fragile.

Crystal vases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some are slim and small while others are big and heavy. Another flaw to these items of beauty is that they're very tough to clean. The reason is not only their shape and size but also the risk of scratching them.

In this article we'll discuss some cleaning recipes that have been approved by many cleaning experts that practice home cleaning in Melbourne and try to give an answer to the question “How to clean a crystal vase ?”.

First and most important thing to do before you clean a crystal vase is to make sure that it is a room temperature. Cleaning the vase while it is too hot or two cold will most probably cause cracks. This is due to the fact that sudden changes of temperature will damage the fragile glass.

The cleaning recipe for crystal vases is quite simple. Fill your vase with some warm water (about halfway of the vase).

Add a few drops of mild dish detergent. Stir the water until suds appear. Next step is to add two tablespoons of white vinegar and 1 cup uncooked rice. Once all the ingredients are inside you have two choice depending on how big is your vase. If it's slim and you can cover the top of it with your hand you can shake it vigorously and clean the inside really easy. If you can cover the opening then you'll have to use a stirring tool.

The preferred tools for the job are a wooden or a plastic spoon. Do not use any metal tools or you might break or scratch the glass surface. Stir the mixture well and see if it removes all the stains.

For very tough stains you can try and use denture cleaning tablets. Just pour some water inside and add the denture tablet. Leave it inside until the stain dissolves.

After every cleaning process, empty the vase and dry it with a clean lint-free towel. Do not air-dry crystal because it might form a cloudy layer caused by hard water and mineral deposits.

I hope that these cleaning procedures help you keep the shine of your precious crystal items and you will not damage them. And if you think that cleaning your home is too much of a task for you be sure to call the cleaners offering domestic cleaning in Melbourne.


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