How To Clean a Reading Lamp

Reading lamps are an ingenious invention that let's you read your favourite book and not disturbing the people around you with strong light. They're great for your eyes and do not cause that much eye strain. But they tend to be a dust magnet and if you forget to clean them, soon you'll have to buy a new one because dust build ups can ruin them easily. In this article we'll discuss some easy cleaning tips for reading lamps.

Many cleaning professionals warn you not to use too much water when you're cleaning a reading lamp because you can easily get electrocuted.

The best way to clean such a lamp is with a water and dish soap solution. You don't need any harsh cleaning products because they will do pretty much the same thing as the dish soap. Before you start cleaning it unplug it from the electricity circuit. Check if the light bulb is tightly secured in it's place. Take 3 cups of warm water and pour them into a bowl.

Add a few drops of dish soap into the water and stir until suds appear. Take a cleaning cloth and dip it into the solution. Make sure that it's not soaked too much. Wipe the whole surface of the lamp while being careful not to get water on the wiring or the light bulb socket. Once you're satisfied with the cleaning take another soft cloth and dry the whole lamp with it. You should wait a couple of hours before switching it on just to be sure that all of the water is gone. And this is it your lamp should be dust and stain free.

Another cleaning method is with rubbing alcohol. Unlike water, rubbing alcohol is quite safe for electronic devices. The reason is that it evaporates quickly and will not cause any damage to electric circuits. Just make a solution for 1 part rubbing alcohol to 1 part warm water. Take a clean cloth and dip it into the solution. Wipe the whole surface of the lamp with the cloth. Once the stains, smudges and dust are gone leave the lamp to dry for a couple of minutes. It should dry pretty quickly because of the alcohol.

I hope that these two cleaning methods work for you and you will have an easy time cleaning your night lamp. And if you ever need any cleaning services in Australia be sure to check out the professionals offering house cleaning in Melbourne.


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