How To Prevent Shiny Spots On Polyester Fabrics

If you have a garment made from polyester you must have noticed how sometimes there are shiny spots on it. Not only that but even the whole garment can turn out shiny in a while and it will be quite a pain to even look at it. In this article we'll discuss some easy tips for preventing these types of fabric damage.

Many cleaning experts explain that the shiny spots on a polyester garment occur when a hot iron touches the fabric. This makes the fabric melt and is pretty much an irreversible damage. The reason this happen is that polyester is a synthetic fabric that is very prone to heat damage. And even the slightest touch to something that is heated above 250 degrees can make it shrink and stain. Especially if the polyester is mixed with another fabric like cotton then the heat resistance of the fabric drops to around 180 degrees.

To prevent this kind of heat damage you'll always have to pay attention to your iron settings. Low to medium heat is the highest temperature the fabric can take. It's even better if your iron already has a “polyester” setting (you'll have to check the manufacturer's instructions for that). Unlike other fabric high temperature doesn't remove wrinkles on polyester that's why don't try it at all.

It is very advisable to use a cover for the clothing (pressing cloth) and avoid contact between the iron and the polyester garment. The mentioned above wrinkles can be easy removed with a moist pressing cloth.

Another way of removing creases or wrinkles is with mixture of 1 to 1 part of white vinegar and water. Just spray the clothing with the mixture prior to ironing to make the fabric softer. To prevent wrinkling and ironing in the first place, you can hang the garment on the washing line overnight. Usually, its own weight will even the wrinkles and make the disappear.

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