Egyptian style Coffee in cezve.

Egyptian style Coffee in cezve. Want to feel the real Pharaoh? To plunge into an antiquity, to inhale the world full of riddles and mysticism. Yes? Then let's cook coffee in Egyptian, friends.

To cook this coffee, we will need one tablespoon of coffee (fine crushing) and 125 ml of water. Coffee turns out quite strong therefore if you decide to weld it after 21.00 - be ready to sleeplessness.

Let's warm up to the Turk. Now we will pour in it the necessary quantity of water and we will put on fire. Don't lead up water to boiling. It should be simply hot. The following that we need to make, it to add coffee and on slow fire to finish to boiling. Foam which will be formed, remove a spoon and shift in a cup. Do the same procedure which made at coffee preparation in Turkish, 3 times. It was necessary to pour our coffee in cups and a tax to a table! Sugar is added at desire and taste.

French style Coffee in cezve. Close eyes and present that you sit early in the morning in any Parisian coffee house overlooking the Eiffel Tower. The polite waiter, brings the cup of coffee ordered by you and before you managed to take it in a hand, you already felt the rich, unforgettable aroma of this drink welded on the special recipe. You bring a cup to a mouth and … open eyes. Let's cook this coffee and we will take pleasure in its tremendous taste here and now, instead of in our imagination.

After you warmed up to the Turk a little, add coffee. It shouldn't be much as finally drink should turn out not strongly strong. Therefore it is better to manage one teaspoon (with a hill) coffee of a fine crushing. Pour in the Turk water and put on the slowest fire. And again - we wait. As soon as on a surface the skin layer will start to be formed, add sugar and carefully mix, while it completely won't be dissolved. During what moment it is necessary to remove to the Turk from fire, you already know. Cook longer coffee and fill with it a cup. Everything turned out? It's cool! Then went further.

In order that at you the real coffee in French turned out, you will need Cocoa liqueur and not enough whipped cream. If you have no necessary liqueur, it is possible to replace it with a chocolate topping. The topping should be not too dense, differently it won't be dissolved in coffee, and will settle at the bottom of a cup. We add a teaspoon of liqueur or a chocolate topping in coffee and from above we decorate with whipped cream. Cream shouldn't be much. They should close simply a skin layer on coffee, only and all.

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