Tips for Buying the Right kind of Cake Stand

You’re hosting a small tea party and invited your friends to come over. A few minutes before your scheduled party however, you realize that you don’t have a cake stand to present your yummy muffins or delectable cake with. Though you can easily make up with wide trays or serve it on a platter, the effect would have been better if you had put your baked goods on a beautiful cake stand.

You’ll suddenly find yourself asking, “Why didn’t I thought of buying one when I went to the depot last week?”

Though you can’t race down the streets to grab one, you can always try to make up for the next tea party by promising to buy a cake stand and keep it in handy. Here are some of the cake stands that you might want to look at.

Small and cute cake stands

If you’re serving for a small group of people, or have baked small goods like muffins or cupcakes, it’s more practical to work with a small pedestal. It’s not slightly to serve a half-full cake stand; you’ll find yourself in trouble if you’ll get a big one.

Little tarts, cookies, and other sweet bites will look perfect on cute mini cake stands like these.

Ceramic pedestals

Keeping everything coordinated is very much a girl thing. Why not purchase this cute ceramic tea party set we’ve found Online?

Go ceramic and have your desserts presented on this 3 tier cake stand.

Or you if you’re only looking to buy cake stands, you can just find one that can complement your tea cup set.

Glass stands

Or perhaps you can invest on something that you can use for whatever occasion, theme, or season? If you’re thinking along this line, try buying a glass cake stand. This will never go out of fashion and will always look elegant on the table.

 Your cakes and other goods will always look sumptuous in it.

Careful though as these are really fragile. You don’t want to put them out if you’re having little kids as guests. Try cute, character stands instead like the one’s below.

Character stands

If you prefer the bold and interesting against the traditional, these character cake stands might be for you. The green turtle crinkle dome is just irresistible, isn’t it?

Or how about this high-heel cake stand?

Grand and big

15” to 22” cake stands are usually intended for grand parties like weddings, debuts, or corporate events. But if you’re having too many guests, I guess using cake stands like these wouldn’t hurt.

Investing on cake stands is a practical idea – some are even making money out of renting out their cake stands for parties or events. If you’re thinking along those lines, you can look for wholesale cake stands dealer like the Chair Cover Factory. They sell cake stands in bulk and gives it at very low rates. 


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