Beware: Slacking Off Senior Year May Cost You Your College Acceptance

The college admissions game isn’t over even after you’ve received acceptance letters.

Your slot can be forfeited and awarded to somebody else on the waiting list. You should be aware that there are instances when colleges take back offer of admission.

Do well in your senior year in high school. The university expects that you send a copy of your transcript and diploma so do not be too confident about getting accepted. Tables turn, especially for the overconfident ones. Grades decreasing on the last quarter is fine. But if your grades suddenly plummeted, then you are likely to be called for an explanation. And lame excuses would not work.

Check on your conduct. One common reason why universities revoke offer of admission is disciplinary issues. If ever you get involved or dragged in misdemeanor cases, whatever that is, be prepared to present your detailed explanation to the university. Universities want their students to own up to their actions. Passing the blame would not do no good. Supply any documentation that could prove null the allegations of misconduct  you are dragged into. Also, giving your side of the story is not enough. You should also be able to share your plan of action.

Be careful about what you post in Facebook. You shall be in the radar especially that you are soon to become a member of the academic institution. So be cautious about what you say or post on your social networking accounts. Do not get too ecstatic saying you have got into the prestigious ABC University and then posting photos of your binge drinking sessions as celebration. Seeing you stripping off your clothes, the admission panelists would probably push the button and vote you out.

Take challenging courses. The college picked you over other applicants because they believe in your potential. Do not disappoint. Continue the good that they saw in you. If you would like to change schedule on your senior year, ensure to inform the university as well. They might misinterpret it as a case of dropping subjects, which could be detrimental to your application.

Don't slack off on your academics working on your college applications.  Admissions officer understand how arduous the application is. You prepare for it for years. You work hard so you can end up getting accepted to the college of your choice. But your goal should not end there. You do not want officers to think that you are only up for a show. Note that y
ou do not have to wait for the notification that says your application just got revoked before you submit your explanation to the admission officers. Be proactive as otherwise, you might not have enough time to look for another college. It takes some time for universities to review student’s performance and final requirements.

Apply for an internship.  Universities love students who go the extra mile beefing up their resume, or being consistent to pursuing their goals.

Lesson to learn

Your senior year matters as senioritis happens, regardless which university or college you are attending.

Some cases of revoked acceptance get settled especially after the student has done his part making up for his mistakes. But there are instances too when the offer is totally rescinded. So do not get too excited upon reading the word, Congratulations. Continue reading the entire letter and see to it that you understand the conditions you should follow prior your acceptance.

Because again, even with that good news in your hands, the fact does not change that colleges and universities reserve the right to revoke applications.

Since you have worked hard for this acceptance, you might as well, take care of it. The university wants to ensure that they made the right decision admitting you. Don’t make them regret they wanted you.


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