Maximize Perks of Being a Social Media Geek While You're in College

You know you cannot goof around all your life. That is why breaks have to end, and classes have to resume.

But as you return to school, there are some relationships that you should not disentangle yourself from, rather foster to your advantage. I’m talking about your being highly attached to social media.

You have internet on your mobile phone, and your computer. So before your schedule gets too hectic, take time to do these things to aid make your transition to college, and then to the workforce, smooth-sailing.

Google yourself. You have searched for song lyrics, your celebrity crush and answers to your assignments. And you even commented about the inaccuracy of the information you found. But have you tried checking out the results when you type your name on the search engine?

Go ahead. Find out whether you would appreciate or not what Google tells about you. Everything you see makes up your online reputation, which employers today usually run to, to know more info about applicants and existing employees.If you are unhappy with how Google brands you, then it is high time to to take action.

Clean accounts. Trace which sites of yours Google picked up the information from. Most likely, it has something to do with Facebook, and your reckless rantings. Go back to your earliest posts up to the most recent. Modify the settings so that only those you want publicized would show up, and those you would rather keep private would remain classified. Review who your contacts are. You might want to disassociate yourself from those you do not even know. And then look for your co workers or old friends, and then add them up. In the professional world, take note, burning bridges is not acceptable.

Look into renting ebooks. Books cost a lot, some cannot even afford to buy their own. The sad part is when students spend thousand of dollars only to find out that they will not actually use the textbook in class. There is a solution to that. Do not buy your book until classes roll out, or better yet, rent your book online. This way, you will have to pay only for the time you will use the book. Plus, you no longer need to carry heavy reads in your pack.

Sell old stuff. Earn from your things that you no longer use but may still be of good use to others. And since we have mentioned about costly books that only collect dust, why don’t you resell them? There are several sites online where you can advertise for free such as eBay and Craigslist. Simply create an account and you will be directed to potential customers. You can also use your Facebook account so you can send a group message to prospective buyers. You are in college. You know you could use any money you will earn.

Create LinkedIn account. If you already have yours, well then, good. Ensure that you regularly update your account. If you have none, then create one. Linkedin is an extensive network of industry professionals. Posting your resume here means calling out to your future employers without you sweating much. Connect to your friends, and to your work colleagues so you can view their connections too, and see whether you could follow someone who might be able to help your career in the future, say the book author you have been religiously following.

Being a social networking geek can actually get you the job you have been targeting ever since you can remember. That is, if you will use your websites properly. So start moving and go online now. You can use this post as your to-do list. 


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