Silence Please!: Dealing With Noisy College Roommates

Picture this. You are traveling by bus, and are trying to catch some sleep. And here is your seatmate with his loud earphones on. And you can’t get to tell him to lower the volume because it seems like he’s already enjoying dreamland.

What a good way to start the day.

How much more would you have to endure then, if you have to live with a noisy roommate for the next four years or so of your college life?

That would have to be a big challenge you ought to overcome. Because if you will not make any move, you are to suffer.

Keep your cool. Even if you feel so pissed, try to calm down. If you will let tension rule over, you and your roommate would not fix the issue. In addition, your roommate might also raise their voice if you approach them angrily. Note instead that instance so you would not miss bringing it up when you two finally get to to sit down for a talk.

Get to know your roommate. You might say this is no longer necessary as your roommate is not the type (you believe), you would be friends with. But for the sake of peaceful cohabitation, you need to know where each of you is coming from. You might not know it, but they could be a music major. That is why they can’t seem to get enough of their music instruments even at wee hours. Or they could  be depressed, and the only solution they use to fighting off stress is listening to music. You will never know until you ask.

Speak up. When you are talking, be polite. Don’t get carried away. Also, remember that you may be coming from different pages. Recall those instances you thought they were going way too loud, and share your reasons why. This might not be loud yet to them, that is why they thought you're fine with it.

Leave notes. Y
ou will have to find a way to voice out your opinions even if you do not normally do so. Leave notes. Avoid sarcasm, be straightforward. This would be healthier for your relationship as roommates than being passive aggressive.

Try containing the issue. Look into options that offer quick fix first. If wearing earplugs settle the issue, then you need not go beyond. You do not have to go crazy explaining to somebody who wouldn't and couldn't understand regardless the approach you use. Stressing yourself too much for matters you could solve the easy way is a waste of time.

Repeat yourself. Do not give up. If your roommate only seem to follow your requests, or the agreements you have made at first, and the next days go back to their unruly habits, then go ahead and remind them what you have talked about. Be firm. If you remain silent,chances are they will think that you have gotten used to their attitude.

Do not tolerate them in short for causing inconvenience to you, and the rest of the tenants. If you must play the role of an advisor, do so. Suggest that they use earplugs with noise isolation, so they can turn up the volume of their computer or stereo without disturbing your sleep.


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