Learning to Write Right: What to Look For in a Writing Tutor
There is no easy and fast way to improving writing skills.   
Writing classes are not enough to train you to become a good writer. 
Professors cannot direct each student in the class, unless the session runs on a one-to-one approach. This goes to say that most of the job are on your shoulders. And it is a matter of personal choice whether you are to take extra effort sharpening your writing prowess. 
Seeking help from writing instructors is one way you can compensate for writing lessons and exercises you missed. It is easy to look for a writing coach online. No sweat, actually. Search engines are more than willing to help you carry out the task. The hard part is finding a reliable and trustworthy tutor.   
Here are qualities of a writing tutor that you should be on the lookout for.
Skilled. Of course, this is a staple trait. Tutors have to know what they are talking about. They have to be knowledgeable on the field they are teaching. This does not mean though that you should take out on your options, your fellow students. Peer tutoring can be as beneficial as when your tutor is already a writing professional. What you can do is request for a resume, along with few character references you can contact. Better yet, ask your friends for recommendations.   
Flexible. You should be the one being pampered as you are the client. Classes, thus, should be held to your convenience. The tutor should be able to adjust to your schedule. Aside from that, they should be able to adjust to your pace and the kind of learner you are. They should be able to devise effective teaching strategies based on your needs. Tutors have to be considerate as well of your abilities so they can focus on areas where you need more training. For instance, you can be an insightful writer, only that there are few grammar lapses on your output.   
Accommodating. It is crucial that you feel comfortable with your tutor around. Let's face it. The problem sometimes is that students are intimidated by or afraid of their professors. This creates a learning barrier as inquiries are left unraised. When the tutor has this pleasant personality, you would not hesitate to ask questions. Interactions would turn out smooth-sailing. You, hence, would be able to make the most out of each tutorial sessions you attend.  
Good communicator. There are intelligent people who are not good speakers. Tutors obviously do not belong in this group. Good tutors know how to carry conversations well, or the class would seem boring. Would you attend classes, outside of the regular ones you are already taking, only to doze off? Bet not.     
Excellent communicators slash tutors can turn even the most technical to light, and easy-to-absorb lessons. Tutors should also be able to listen to your suggestions. Find a tutor like this, and you will appreciate writing even more.    
Professional. An English tutor online should act professional, regardless his current status. It does not mean that they can show up late for your classes as they have several other clients. They also should be able to respond to your messages promptly. If you ask that they share their comments on your work the next meeting, then they should be able to do so. You deserve to receive quality service because you invested not just your money, but your trust as well. 


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