Forensic Services Powder Helps Provide DNA Identification Via Finger Marks

In the field of forensics, it is vital to have the most advanced products and services available to ensure that you do every job right the first time. You can find a complete list of Forensic Services available from the leader in the UK, providing an extensive list of supranano powders, finger mark powders, finger mark suspensions and mass spectroscopy for finger mark investigation.

These products keep in line with the highest quality and most innovative forensic services available, because they have been developed to highlight latent marks on nonporous and semi-porous surfaces up to 28 days following deposition. These powers offer 30% enhanced performance over any other latent power available today. In addition, these prints can be developed for identification of endogenous and exogenous metabolites, detection and identification of biomarkers and skin cell harvesting.

This provides an opportunity for Toxicology Services as well, because of the identification, detection and potential DNA harvesting of latent markers. There are also specifically formulated suspensions that function on hold types of nonporous and semi-porous surfaces, which can be applied by dipping, spraying, or pouring.

Available in yellow, red, black and white, these suspensions function on a wide variety of services, as there are a viable alternative to CNA development. They do not require specialized equipment, can develop foot wear marks on a number of services, and can even be used following CNA development to sustain fumed latent marks and develop any latent that have not been developed by superglue. This suspension also has smaller particle sizes, providing better definition and ease-of-use. They also provide laboratory services for analysis and toxicology services, in addition to their forensic services, suspensions, powders and fluorescence.

You can take advantage of custom-made spectroscopy solutions, which utilizes state-of-the-art Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) technology. This technology provides fast and simple techniques for developing any latent mark, with time of flight analysis. These types of forensic services can help to match the Spectra to develop library, and words identify wide range of chemicals that have been unambiguously formed via contact residues of all types of explosives and drugs.

This includes metabolites of a variety of common drugs including common street drugs. You can use these identifications along with specific biomarkers as well, in order to gain the information that you need to discover the donor's gender, age and ethnicity. This is the most innovative and complete turnkey solution for interrogation of latent prints available in the UK today. Unlike traditional powers and chemicals, they can do more than justifying a fingerprint to legal requirements within health and safety legislations.

They can provide additional definition by up to 20%, which can identify chemicals such as nicotine, explosives, cocaine and others. They can also be used to identify metabolites in the fingerprints in addition to drugs and various biomarkers, providing harvesting of skin cells to potentially develop a DNA profile. Each of these powers and suspensions are available online, and can ensure you receive the highest quality toxicology services and forensic services available, all from one website.

Discover innovative Forensic Services I can provide you with identifications and biomarkers, as well as assistance in Toxicology Services.


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