The Amazing Advances Of Laptop Technology

One of the amazing things about technology is that it keeps getting better and better. Imagine what it would be like to live without your computer, smartphone, or TV. Life would be pretty boring. You'd have to hang out at the library and read all those books that are twenty years old.

Luckily, humans have been inventing new things ever since we left the caves in search for greener pastures. We've really come together as a society and created a long capital structure which has given us such advances as the car, the hair dryer, and the electric toaster. And with society getting smarter and smarter, we can only expect better toasters in the future.

Just imagine what computers have gone through in the last ten years or so. One of the amazing things is that not only are they getting better and better, but they're also getting cheaper and cheaper. For example, a laptop computer purchased ten years ago would have easily cost you a thousand bucks.

And what would you have gotten for that thousand dollars? Not much compared to today's standard. A slow processor, tiny hard drive, slow modem, and a battery that only lasted a couple hours, if you were lucky.

These days, processors are faster than ever, hard drives are so huge you could easily store a few seasons of "Breaking Bad" on their without an issue, and some of the screen and video technology is absolutely out of this world.

To really get your brain thinking, just imagine what computer technology will be like in ten years. They'll make today's machines look like calculators, and they'll probably only cost a couple hundred bucks, if that.

There's already a few brands of laptops popping up that are cloud based. This means all your software, data, and backups will be stored on the cloud. No more worrying about buying new software or getting behind technologically. Because data transfer speeds are getting so incredibly fast, it just makes sense to store things up on the cloud.

This, of course, means that your computer can be even faster. With the main processor on the cloud, you'll be able to deliver information instantaneously. It's long been known that transfer speeds are faster than commercially available. Not because there's some kind of conspiracy, but because the infrastructure is behind the actual technology.

But with cloud development now at the forefront, limitations based on infrastructure are quickly becoming a thing of the past. And that means good news for everybody.

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