Web Development Languages: Which Is The Best?

The question above of which web development language is the best is very rarely answered subjectively. In fact, a quick search engine check results in numerous blog posts and forums littered with people giving their own opinion with nothing but their experience of a few languages (and sometimes only one!) under their belt.

The truth is that this question is somewhat moot. The main thing to consider when it comes to web development is that you are happy and confident in the abilities of the development company you are using to produce your applications.

In regard to web development languages, there are several to choose from. The most widely used is PHP, which stands for hypertext pre-processor although it did originally stand for Personal Home Page when it was originally created. Social Media sites such as Facebook and Yahoo are built using PHP to give a few examples.

The second most widely used is ASP.NET which stands for Active Server Page and was created and supported by Microsoft. Now in its fourth iteration, this web platform is fully extensible and a very mature competitor to PHP in the web development industry.

The main difference between the two languages is the fact that PHP is compiled on page load, so every time a user visits a page on a site, the PHP code is compiled server side and the results sent to the client. With ASP.NET, the source code is compiled prior to deployment, meaning that the framework itself has a significantly low overhead on the server in terms of page loading speeds.

As the page has already been compiled, the server simply loads the compiled file and sends it to the client - this means that on paper, the ASP.NET framework is faster than PHP. Although it must be noted that PHP has some very clever caching mechanisms now available which minimises this performance issue considerably.

A developer who utilises both of the above languages would be hard pressed to tell you what one language can do that the other could not, choice generally depends on developer preference and provided they are a capable programmer, they will be able to produce identical systems on either platform using either language.

Web engineering projects are managed from start to finish in a logical manner ensuring that the solution is developed on time and most importantly on budget utilising developers with decades of experience all backed up with a no quibble guarantee that you will get a fully functional web application exactly to your specification.

With services such as cloud computing available, the leading companies who supply a range of IT services are the ones you should choose.


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