Mobile Broadband - The technology in Demand

Mobile broadband is a modern term used for the internet access provided by mobile companies. It is made possible by using different devices such as modems, mobile phones etc.

Devices used in mobile broadband connection

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) - This connection makes use of PDA which is widely known as Personal Information manager. This device can be easily connected to internet. The biggest advantage of using a PDA is that it has an exceptional display of electronic visuals.

Mobile phones, smart phones- Mobile broadband (or as we say in Denmark mobilt bredbånd) connection is also made possible using mobile phones or smart phones.

Dongles or USB Flash drives- They are small USB devices used for accessing internet. It is generally called the “electronic key”.

PCI Card- PCI cards are also used for providing a wireless connection to a desktop PC.

Advantages of mobile broadband connection

This broadband connection requires no landline connection which makes it much more portable. In traditional fixed broadband connection, one has to pay for the landline, whether one uses it or not. One should not need to pay for the landline if it is not used. Another advantage is that one can get access to internet using this broadband, no matter where one is. It is beneficial to its users, especially business people who might need an internet connection for their business transactions. Traditional standard broadband connection may turn out to be of no use when one is travelling. However, mobile broadband connection can provide internet access when even one is moving. People who travel for business or other professional purposes may find it extremely useful. As far as bit rates are concerned, it promotes both audio and video which makes it quite desirable. Upcoming markets make use of the high speed internet connection provide by this broadband connection, it helps them to connect to the mass market and thereby, enhance their markets.

Disadvantages of a mobile broadband connection

Despite of all the positive qualities that mobile broadband possesses it has some disadvantages too. First of all, even though this broadband connection is available anywhere in the world it sometimes it encounters some problems owing to the network coverage limitations of the mobile companies. It can create a lot of inconveniences for its users, especially business people. Sometimes, they may find it difficult to get an access to the internet using this connection. In some instances, one may manage to get the connection it might be extremely slow leaving its user to wait for a long time. It is undesirable, especially when one needs internet access immediately. Mobile companies are trying their best to overcome this problem, but it is at this time only solved at the places where the coverage is strong. Downloading possibilities are quite limited and the process is pretty much slower compared to the standard broadband connection. This has also result in displeasure among its users. Even though one is rescued from the landline bill, additional charges levied on this connection make it costlier than landlines.

Despite of the issues mentioned, which are gradually being solved, mobile broadband is advisable for those who use the internet a lot and travel a lot. To learn even more about mobile broadband, visit Oister's website.


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