Is It Possible To Stay Friends With An Ex?

A lot of people have wondered if it is possible to stay friends with an ex. It's been a question that has been around since the dawn of human intimate relationships with the opposite sex, and there is really no direct answer for this question. The answer really depends on your situation and what the ultimate goal of staying friends with your ex is all about.

To say that it is not possible to stay friends with an ex is not entirely true, but there are factors that make this special arrangement work. Most who remain friends with an ex have had a break up where both partners agreed and believed that they were not right for each other. Both partners both wanted out of the relationship and believed it to be best.

In those circumstances, which are extremely rare, it is very possible to remain friends with an ex. There are no hard feelings, nor was there too much fighting about breaking up. However, in most cases, one partner in a relationship was dumped while still very much in love with the dumpee. In this case, which are most common in break ups, staying friends with an ex can be very dangerous.

It is absolutely true that being dumped brings all kinds of emotions and feelings. What's worse is that these feelings do not come one at a time. They hit you all at once. Feelings of rejection, frustration, confusion, depression can overwhelm the one who was let go in a relationship that they did not want to end.

For those who still desire to get an ex back, staying friends with an ex shortly after a break up is a deadly mistake that often backfires. Because of the intense emotions that an unwanted break up causes, it is all too common for the one who wants the ex back to continually try to convince the other partner that they were wrong in calling it off with them.

What's worse is that the act of trying to convince the ex to take them back and give the relationship a second chance is often heightened with the emotions of panic and desperation. This leads to constantly calling, texting, e-mailing or any kind of contact with the ex. This form of harassment often annoys the ex until he or she ultimately and completely begins to ignore the offender. Wouldn't you?

Is it possible to stay friends with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend? It is possible if there is no desire for either partner to want to be in an intimate relationship with the other. On the flip side, if one partner still desires to get back the ex, remaining friends with an ex is almost impossible because that desire causes too many complications.

If you want or desire to get an ex back shortly after a break up, your best bet is to use the no contact rule to avoid pushing your ex away forever and committing damaging and harassing mistakes. The no contact rule after a break up is damage control for you, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Learn about the no contact rule and how to use it correctly. It is also recommended that you learn the no contact rules so you have an exact blueprint and step by step guide of what to do during no contact. Believe it or not, many mess up no contact because they haven't a clue what to do druing this stage within the get your ex back strategy.

Remaining friends with your ex after a break up will damage any chance for you to get them back in the future, but that's only if you want them or desire to get them back.


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