No Contact Rule With Ex or The Limited Contact Rule To Get An Ex Back?

If you've been trying to get your ex back, you may have heard a lot about the no contact rule. However, the fact is that the no contact rule with an ex isn't a one size fits all. Yes, it's a very important stage within the strategy in getting an ex back, but there are many who can't and shouldn't use no contact after a breakup.

Instead, many people have to use what's called "the limited contact rule" after a breakup. Those who have to use limited contact usually have kids with their ex, or work together with them, or go to school together. These situations will usually force them to keep some kind of communication with their ex instead of those lucky enough to have full force no contact.

Why are those who are able to use the no contact rule after a breakup luckier than those who can't? In the strategy of getting your ex back, there are many reasons why using the limted contact rule with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend is highly disadvantageous. Here are some main reasons:

1. High Emotions

It's true that if you were dumped, your emotions are likely extremely high. It's natural for your ego to be bruised, but fear of losing someone or the relationship can cause you to do and say really stupid things.

The more you have to interact with your ex shortly after a breakup, the more chance you have in doing damaging mistakes. Neediness and desperation is hard enough to control when using the no contact rule after a breakup, but it's twice as worse when you have to keep some kind of communication with them.

2. Delayed Healing

When you keep in contact with an ex, hoping you'll get them back, you're actually delaying your own healing process to move on after the breakup. You need time to heal and get yourself and your head on straight.

It's natural to feel down in the dumps and depressed over the breakup. These negative feelings will impact your ego and self confidence, and these negative feelings about yourself are at it's peak shortly after a breakup.

You need to get yourself back to a good place before you can have any hope of ever getting back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Seeing and having to communicate with your ex can constantly remind you of these negative emotions.

The no contact rule provides time and space away from your ex to heal. It also provides your ex time and space away from you. Limited contact doesn't, as you have to face your ex time and time again.

3. Getting Your Ex To Miss You

Another aspect the limited contact rule with an ex fails to do is to get your ex to miss you. The no contact rule after a breakup sparks the element of your ex missing you. After all, when you disappear and drop out of someone's world for a while, it's human nature to miss something one no longer has.

With the limited contact rule, you have to stick around to a degree - a very limited degree - but your ex still has the cushion of knowing that you're there. With no contact, your ex will have no cushion for a period of time. Also, with no contact, there's a higher chance that your ex will start to remember the good times you shared instead of the bad, which are the dominate thoughts in an ex's mind shortly after a breakup.

Limited contact is highly disadvantages compared to the no contact rule with ex after a breakup. If you're hoping to get your ex back, you need to stop hoping and learn how to do so. Although highly disadvanteous, there are things you can do if you have to use limited contact with an ex.

If you're lucky enough to use the no contact rule, be highly warned. Even though there are many advantages opposed to limited contact, it's still important you learn how to use the no contact rule with ex correctly. Many people misuse no contact and fail. Click the links if you're serious about getting your ex back.


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