How to Break Up With Someone - The Easiest Ways to End a Relationship

Breakup sucks. Face it, no matter if it happens to you or you are about to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend, there is no easy way to do it. However, while dumping someone you must remember dropping the bomb suddenly on your mate may bring forth an unwanted outcome for both of you.

You should also remember that this is the same person you were once madly in love with. So treat the person with utmost respect and be sensitive towards his or her emotions while breaking up with the person.

This is true that there is no best way to breakup as every breakup brings with it pain. What you can do is minimize the damage. However you may ask why bother when you are planning to get past the relationship. If you don’t want to be with the person anymore what does it matter how you end the relation. Well, the method matters and there are good reasons for it.

  • First of all, don’t think that you will not face the person you are breaking up with ever in your life. So why part ways on a bad note and breaking up on good terms will also not make you feel awkward when you run into your ex sometimes down the line.

  • You should also consider the fact that your feelings for your ex partner may change in the future and when they do, there might still be a chance for you two if your breakup went smoothly and without much heartache on the other side.

  • Remember karma always pays off in the end. So the way you treat people, you may get the same treatment in the future as the wheels always turnaround.

Now enough of the reasons why you should break up on good terms, let’s move on with the best possible ways to part ways, when you don’t intend to continue with a fading relation. Just follow these simple methods below to cover up the damagecaused by a break up.

  • First of all, the moment you feel that both of you are going nowhere;it’s high time to tell your partner about it. The longer you will take to decide, the break up will be all the way be more painful for both of you, especially for your partner. So dont get his or her hopes high and tell him or her directly, but in person. Never try to do so over the phone or by sending a plain text stating I am breaking up with you or worse I am dumping you. This will simply leave a scar on your partner’s mind, which will never fade away.

  • You should also never tell your friends about dumping your partner before you have told so to him or her. Don’t let your friends inform your ex that you have already dumped him or her. This will simply be a shock to him or her and it may happen that your partner never recovers from it.

  • If your partner is your colleague or your classmate, then you should be a lot more sensitive and compassionate while putting an end to the relation. After breaking up you should not hover over him or her the time and give them enough space as they need it in order to heal.

  • When you intend to break up never choose a location which has a lot of memories of your relation. Always choose a neutral location. This will simply spare you all the drama that comes along with a break up.

  • Choose your words carefully, while telling your partner how you feel. You must never use abusive language or be harsh to your partner. What’s the point in causing more damage than what has already been done?

  • You should be sensitive towards your partner’s emotions, but at the same time make sure your partner understands that it’s over for you. Be there to comfort him or her and tell them that you are really sorry that the relation didn’t turn out as expected. This will simply soften the blow and help your ex move on with his or her easily.

By following these simple steps you can easily break up with your partner, without causing much damage.


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