Tips for Selling Your Consulting Services

Before you get into the field of consultancy services, there are certain things that you should be aware of. One of them is how to market your consultancy services, which can be actually a time-consuming process. The risk in this task is that it has high risk of failure. Here’s how!

Imagine a scene wherein you meet a prospective client and make him explain all about your services via a fancy brochure listing, say 10-15 services. This approach is actually sensible from your point of view as you are a consultant who wishes to sell the services.

However, while persuading, the client is surely going to have a problem. This is because no matter of shrewd he may be, his mind will not be able to focus on more than three points of information simultaneously. By exploding in this way, you are actually confusing the client, which eventually will not give you the desired result. So, what to do then? Well, here are some tips for selling your consulting services effectively as well as efficiently in terms of time and efforts spent

Understand the need or problem first and then recommend only one or two services

The most important task is to get the client’s attention, and thereby, the deal. Therefore, in the very first meeting, ask the prospective patron a few questions to comprehend the needs clearly. Mediate on what he shared with you and then suggest one or two service.

This will show that you are concerned for your client and want to solve his problem, not sell your services for money. Further, it becomes easier for the client to analyze two solutions at a time, rather than bombarding him with a myriad of options.

Allow the client to respond

This is another important virtue that many consultants just avoid! Whether during or after a discussion in a meeting or on call, it is very vital for you to obtain the client’s response in the form of opinion or decision.

However, even more significant is to make the client respond. Yes! This is the difficult part that you have to cater to, irrespective of the client and goal. But here is a tip even for that – give them a few incentives such as some freebies or discounts so that they consider calling you back via a call or e-mail.

Give some recommendations or show them some testimonies

The chances of selling your consulting services successfully increased with the increase in the number of referrals and positive testimonies. It would be better to get some industry leaders or old customers to refer you so that your new customers can rely upon your service. Believe me; even today, a word-of-mouth promotion is yet the effective way of marketing.

Have an online presence

It is better to go online to sell your services because of the worldwide popularity of the Internet that can help in increasing your customer base. At least, your probable clients can get to see some reviews, testimonies, and experiences of your former customers; remain updated with the latest services you offer, and can even ask for an instant quote!


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