What is PPV Advertising?

What is CPV advertising?

PPV is an acronym for Pay Per View. It has absolutely nothing to do with Pay Per View TV, it's simply a platform for advertising, much like PPC is.

PPV is usually referred to as CPV, which stands for Cost Per View, so don't get confused with the two as they are definitely the same. 

Advertising this way is pretty simple. You're going to pay every time someone views your ad, which means that every time your ad is viewed - you pay around $0.015-$0.02 or more. It's a pretty simple method and pretty cheap to get started, for the most part.

How does it work?

CPV/PPV ads are triggered by those who download adware. Don't get this confused with spyware or malware, it's not the same thing. The people who download adware do so knowingly, as they accept it before doing so. There's nothing illegal going on here, it's all transparent. The ads in CPV/PPV are basically like pop-up ads, so they will pop up when someone views your URL. So when you create your campaign you can use either keywords or URL's, but most people stick with URL's.

So, for example, let's say that you went to Amazon.com and decided that you wanted to promote blenders. You go through every URL for those blenders and gram them all so that you can enter them in for your campaign. Now when the adware user goes to view a blender on Amazon -- they will receive a pop-up ad that is your Affiliate URL instead.

Getting Started with PPV

Getting started with CPV/PPV is pretty straight forward. There's different networks that you can start with, including the following:

Media Traffic
Adon Network

Those are generally the main networks. Depending on the network you will have to pay a deposit to get started. This payment varies, but it will be used as "credit" while your ads run. 

I highly recommend using URL Scrapers and target URL's in your campaigns. You can think outside of the box or simply try basic stuff to get going and learn the basics. It's probably best to do some research on the Network you choose so that you know some of the demographics of who use the toolbar/adware that will pop the ads. This way you will have a much easier time trying to market to these people.

Always keep a close eye on your campaigns. For training I would suggest checking out CPVDen, as it's a free website with pretty good training, as well as free tools to help you get your campaigns up and running.

CPV (PPV) Tracker

There's a few tracking tools that you can use for CPV (PPV) campaigns. My favorite would be CPVlab, but the price is pretty steep for beginners, especially considering that the updates are 50% of the original price each year, too.

BevoMedia also has a tracking tool for PPV, although I have yet to use it. 

Of course, you could also look into Prosper202 to use for your CPV/PPV campaigns also. While it's not normally used for this type of traffic, a lot of people, including CPV pros, do use it. You can even find plugins for it to use for PPV traffic.

Final Note

Always start your campaigns out very small so that you can review the traffic and conversions so that you can get a much better understanding of how everything works. PPV traffic can get crazy very fast, so start small and scale (grow your campaigns larger) from there.

If you have any questions regarding this traffic source, please ask them below and I will answer them promptly!


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