Couponing Tips to Save Money

Everyone is trying to save money, since most people’s incomes have changed in the last few years due to the recession. Couponing is a great way to save big money. You will be astounded at how much you actually can save if you follow a few tips to get you on the right path. Below are lists of essential tips that can have you couponing like a pro in no time at all.

Find the Best Places to Get Coupons

The Sunday paper is the traditional source to get coupons. Each week the paper is usually loaded with manufacturer’s coupons. The Sunday paper is a great choice, because it will also let you look at the ads from various grocery stores in your area to see who is having the best sales.

Find a good deal is the trick to being successful when you are couponing. Family and Friends are also great sources to get extra coupons. Many people do not use coupons at all, so you may just luck out. Even if you don’t use the product or if you don’t quite need it yet, be sure to save the coupon because a deal may come up where you can save a lot of money on the product. Sometimes stocking up on items will give you the ability to save big money.

Also look online at various coupon sites to find great offers. Sites such as RedPlum or Coupon Network will allow you to print coupons on many different products. They will limit the amount that you are allowed to print in most cases, but they are a great source to get deals that will save you a significant amount of money. Most of these sites will limit you to 2 coupons per item.

They will also have a maximum total that you are allowed to print per month. Organize Your Coupons well, so that you do not lose them. You can buy an organizer that will let you separate the coupons by type or expiration date. This will allow you to find what you need fast so that you can get a great deal every time.

How Can You Get Extra Savings and Know About the Best Deals

  • Sign up for store rewards cards for any grocery stores that you shop at. These cards are in most cases free, and they will give you additional savings, extra perks and a whole host of benefits. Some stores will only let you get their sales price if you have one of their store cards to swipe. These cards are also sometimes called loyalty cards. In most cases, the cards work by giving you points every time you make a purchased. The number of points you receive will usually be based on your total purchase amount. You can use these points to earn discounts on many different things like future purchases, gas, or other special coupons that can be emailed to you.

  • Make sure that you sign up for mailing lists. Your favorite grocery store will usually have this feature available on their websites, especially if they are a chain store. In many cases, these sites will also have forums where other users can tell about great deals they have found to help other people out. Many stores will offer exclusive coupons and other offers to only people who are members of their list.

  • Be sure to make a detailed shopping list. This will allow you to plan all meals out, to where you don’t spend excess money on frivolous junk at the grocery store. Planning ahead and using your coupons in the process will allow you to save a bundle of money. Make sure to look at the sales ads and plan a monthly menu before making your shopping list. If you are going to multiple grocery stores, separate your coupons by store using envelopes or other types of dividers. This will allow you to stay organized.

  • Make sure that you are up to date with the latest coupon policies at each grocery store that you intend to shop at. Most of them will have different policies, so this is essential to saving money. Some of the stores may have their policies on their company website, while others may just have them posted in the store. Smaller stores are notorious for changing their policies often, so always check. More people than ever are couponing and finding all kinds of ways to get products very cheaply. Stores are responding by eliminating some of the ways that people can use coupons.

  • Some stores will allow you to stack manufacturer’s coupons on top of online printable coupons to where you get tons of savings. Others will have certain days of the month where they may offer double or triple offers for coupons. Many will have restrictions on this, but some let it free ride to where you can get food extremely cheap. Some stores will even let you stack their loyalty deals on top of the coupons. These are definitely the types of deals to watch out for, because a product that normally costs three dollars might be able to be purchased for one dollar or less if you combine the above techniques.

  • If you have a coupon that is for something new that you have never tried, then give it a shot. If you can get a substantial amount of savings on the product, then it is worth a shot to try it out. During times that you are able to stack coupons, try to find great deals on non-perishable items that you could stock up on. As long as the shelf life is descent, there is nothing wrong with stock piling a little.

  • Always be prepared for deals that might arise out of the blue. Many stores do not always advertise everything that is going to be on sale, so make sure that you save a little cash back to be prepared for a good deal that you might not have known about. Always take your coupon binder with you to the store, and check for clearance products as well to save big money.


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