How To Restore Antique Books - Restoring The Spine

Can Your Antique Book be Restored?

Collecting antique books can be a great passion and some books may suffer wear and tear from previous owners or be damaged by not being properly stored. The spine of many antique books can become very frail and restoring the spine may seem tricky. Very rare and antique books can lose value though if the spine is restored or fixed improperly. Before preparing to repair or fix an antiqued book it is best to have its value determined in its present state. One can have the book sent to an antiquity specialist of rare and old books by mail or perhaps may be able to supply pictures of the book if it is in a delicate state.

It is important when repairing antique and rare books that some may have distinguished markings that if altered can simply decrease all value of the book. Most of these markings are used in determining the authenticity of a rare claim and if removed there may be no other way to determine if it is real. 

Once it has been determined that repairs can be beneficial or for simply personal preference if it is plausible then it is imperative to check the types of repair necessary to restore the book. For very rare books and old antiques of high value it may be necessary to find a specialist or someone experienced in restoring old books and searching universities and libraries can be of assistance.

The spine of a book is the hard back piece that is displayed when the book is on the shelf. For collectors it is most important to have the spine in optimum condition for display and that the spine be strong enough to keep the book intact. The older methods of binding books to the spline may have of course been relatively simple. Boards made of hemp cords are common when used to bound the book to leather covers and can create great stress on the leather spine if bound to tightly or stiffly. Though in rare books the wrinkles and markings of how the book was bound and intact can greatly increase value of various eras.

Some very old books and mostly are sewn together in signatures which are several sheets sewn together in groups then bound or glued into the spine. Bound to the spine, the hardcover of the book, there are variations that can be used to bound the book and the binding process can have a grave effect when trying to restore antique books that can carry value.

Those who restore rare and antique books can offer various methods help insure that the value will be preserved and it is important in being rebound that there are no creases in the spine. Some books though may have value just as they are if the pages are intact and the spine is legible. For very rare books museums can offer a more defined approach that possibly a book restoration artist or university and research of the possibilities of course is the most important step in restoring an antique book.


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