How Do I Use My Delta SkyMiles?

Delta is committed to helping you use your SkyMiles that you may have collected over time.  Whether you want to take another vacation or you wish to donate your SkyMiles to a charity, it is all up to you. Delta offers many ways for you to utilize your SkyMiles.

Below is a brief list of how you can use your miles:

·      Broadway Show Tickets

·      Donate Your Miles

·      Purchase a Delta Sky Club Membership

·      Newspaper Subscriptions

·      Magazine Subscriptions

·      Online Auctions

·      Pay for Flights with Your Miles

Broadway Show Tickets

You read that right. You can get Broadway show tickets with your Delta SkyMiles. This is a great way to use your miles and travel to the Broadway show you have always wanted to see. You can redeem your SkyMiles or choose to buy and earn Broadway tickets. The combination offers those without enough miles for tickets to combine the offer with their own money and get the advantage of discounted tickets. It is as simple as registering your SkyMiles number to redeem your amount of miles.

Donate Your Miles

What better way to use your miles than to donate them to a charity? If you do not normally do anything with your miles, do not let them go to waste, donate them to a charity and you can help someone that desperately needs it. You can donate your miles through Delta’s SkyWish program. You begin by emailing Delta; the address can be found on their website, and include your name, your SkyMiles number, and the SkyWish charity name that you want to donate to, the amount you wish to donate, and your telephone number. You can also make a donation via mail or fax.  If you prefer, you can also call a representative of Delta SkyWish for help. 

There is a minimum donation of one thousand miles. These miles are not tax deductible either.  It could also take up to six weeks for your account to reflect the deduction, it is important to keep this in mind. If you do not have enough miles collected and you still wish to make a donation you can do so by contacting a representative of Convert Partner Points to Miles. 

Purchase a Delta Sky Club Membership

A Delta Sky Club Membership gives you the convenience of a quiet and comfortable place to wait for your next flight. You will have access to phones, fax machines and internet access. Sky Club membership is a great perk that can really help you unwind and relax between tiring flights.  You will have to make yourself familiar with club locations per state. Club location sites are also available on Delta’s website. When you are ready to join, you just need to apply online.  If you prefer you can also print the application and fax or email it in at a later date. 

Normally the Delta Sky Club is only available for purchase with a credit card, but you can also use your SkyMiles for a membership. There are many different levels of membership. You will want to make sure you have enough miles to purchase the level you would like. If you do not have enough SkyMiles to purchase a membership then you may wish to contact a representative and see if you can use your miles with payment.

Newspaper Subscriptions

Now you can get a subscription to for newspapers. This is only valid with news printers that are working in conjunction with Delta to create these offers. Redemption is easy too. Simple log onto the Delta website and locate SkyMiles redemption offers. You will need to have your SkyMiles number ready and create a PIN number in order to access these subscriptions. It’s a great way to pay for your daily read.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines are another addition to the list of items you can purchase with your SkyMiles. There are several magazines to choose from, you are only limited to what you choose to read. Simply choose the magazine you would like to read and follow the easy steps to receive your new subscription. There are even options for renewal. 

Online Auctions

SkyMiles can be used online to purchase products that are only offered once in a while available at an online auction. Every three months there is a new round with new offers. You can use your miles to purchase merchandise and experience opportunities you would not otherwise be able to experience. You can even bid on VIP tickets to events that would otherwise be closed to the public. Examples of auction purchases include:

·      Invitations to events with celebrities.

·      Stays at exclusive resorts.

·      Cultural and sporting events tickets.

All offers are within the United States. Any merchandise you bit on will only be delivered within the United States, as well. You must be SkyMiles member to participate. Terms and conditions apply, so you must accept them before you will be allowed into the site. Bidders who bid the highest amounts are declared the winner. If the winner does not have enough miles to afford the bid then another winner will be determined. Delta has all the right to cancel and auction at any time or declare a winner in the event of unusual circumstances. Redemption is simple.  Once your SkyMiles have been deducted from your account you will receive your winnings. All winnings are paid strictly with SkyMiles without any exceptions. There are no fees involved with this process.Since the offers are normally through participants other than Delta, they are subject to change without notice.

Paying for Flights with Your Miles

This benefit is only available for Delta Reserve Credit Card Members and Platinum and Gold Delta SkyMiles Members. Now you can book a flight and pay for it with your SkyMiles. This gives you the ability to use them when and how you want to use them. You are not limited to how you use them in the manner of paying, meaning you can use half of your SkyMiles and pay for the other half of your flight if you so desire. This exclusive benefit can save you money every time you decide to fly with Delta.


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