How Do the Discover Card Rewards Work?

The Discover card is a credit card that has a cash back bonus program that words for you. First you have to have a Discover card. Once your card is active, you must visit Discover’s website and sign up for cash back bonus rewards.

Note: Their website also has details on this subject, but this article breaks them down a bit easier for our readers.

You have the opportunity to earn five percent cash back on purchases that are in the appropriate categories.

Some of these incentives include:

·      Gas

·      Department Stores

·      Restaurants

·      Amusement Parks

·      Museums

·      Movies

More categories are added over time. The categories change often which means you must go online and sign up for those particular bonuses. When you use the website ShopDiscover, you have an opportunity to get five to twenty percent cash back on your purchases. Whether you are shopping online or at a local retailer you will earn your cash back bonuses. This goes for every purchase that falls in the categories that are being honored for that particular period of time.

Exactly How Does the Cash Back Bonus Program Work?

You have the potential to earn five percent cash back on purchases within a category set by Discover.Categories typically change four times a year. There is a dollar amount that is capped for each program specified. These bonus categories change throughout the year, as well. They tend to range from travel, department stores, groceries, home improvement stores and gas.

In order to take advantage of these bonuses you must remember to sign up each time.If you do not sign up, you cannot take advantage of the savings. It is a good idea to check the categories every few months to make sure that you are signed up for the latest bonuses.

This is a great way to use your Discover card too. It may not always be apparent what the savings are going to be for a particular quarter, but the moment you find out you can plan trips, outings, date nights and when you want to make certain purchases.

Spending your money on something you need and knowing you are earning cash back as a reward is a very satisfying feeling. You just need to make sure that your local retailers are part of the offer. You can do this by verifying which purchases are honored on the Discover card website. If you make a purchase and it does not apply, it is not due to any fault of Discover.

When you visit retailers that are online, you can also earn a cash back bonus of up to five to twenty percent. You need to use ShopDiscover in order to find these great deals. ShopDiscover is an online shopping mall that is exclusive to Discover card members. When you spend up to three thousand dollars on purchases that qualify for the cash back bonus, you can earn up to one percent in additional savings.

Other purchases include warehouse purchases, wholesale distributors, discount stores and affiliates. You need to be aware that warehouse purchases do not apply to the first three thousand dollars you spend to cash back bonuses. For avid shoppers that love to shop online this is absolute heaven. You can get all of your shopping done in one place and earn bonuses while you are shopping. 

Are There Any Limits to the Bonuses I Can Earn?

Cash back bonus categories tend to change up to four times a year. Each program has a specified amount of money that can be earned before it is capped. There is no fee applied to your credit card when you sign up for any of the categories offered. This is a great way to save money while making purchases for you and your family. Just play close attention to the limits so you do not over spend with the intent of earning a cash back bonus.

Signing up is easy too. Just log into Discover’s website and locate the Cashback Bonus section.  Then you simply sign up for the bonuses you want to use. This will not cost you any type of fee either. You must be a card member in order to receive these bonuses. If you prefer you can also call Discover and have a friendly representative sign you up for the bonuses that are offered.

How Do I Handle Not Receiving My Cash Back Bonuses?

Terms and conditions apply to each offer. Make sure that you have checked them and that they are valid per any purchases you have already made. Most of these offers take up to eight weeks to post to your Discover card account. You need to make sure you have given an ample amount of time for the bonus to show up on your account statement. After you have allowed plenty of time and your bonuses still are not showing up in your account, you can either log onto the Discover website or give them a call. 

You can find their phone number on your statement or online. A helpful representative will be there to help you figure out what needs to be done.Discover is very focused on giving their customers quality services. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, the better you will be able to use the information given about your Discover card account.

How Do I Redeem My Cash Back Bonuses?

You must be registered with the Account Center on the Discover website first of all. After you are registered you can look at all of the options and redeem your rewards online. If for some reason you are not able to redeem them online, you can call Discover and have them help you redeem your rewards over the phone. You can start cashing in your rewards with a twenty dollar cash back bonus. There are a few other things you can do to help your cash back bonus grow, as well. 

·      You can redeem certain gift cards that have been issued by over hundreds of brand name partners. 

·      You can have purchase and shipping charges waived when you purchase a Discover gift card.

·      Donate your bonuses to a charity.

·      Use your bonuses to credit your Discover Card account.

·      Deposit your bonuses to your bank through electronic deposits.

A perk that is one of the best is the option to buy gift cards with your bonuses. When you purchase a Discover gift card, you are not only giving an exceptional gift, you have earned the gift card with your bonuses and saved yourself the extra money of sending a present to a friend or family member.

Instead you are sending them a Discover gift card that can be used in many department stores and other places of business. There are no limits to this outstanding gift. Your loved ones will be very appreciative of your thoughtfulness too. 

There are many ways to use your Discover card to your advantage. By far the Rewards program makes this credit card one of the top in its field. The Discover card helps you make plans and purchase items that are offered for a certain period of time and can save you money and keep your family happy and entertained.Check out Discover card’s rewards program and you can begin earning cash back bonuses immediately.


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