What Are Delta Skymiles and How Do They Work?

Delta Airlines has the Skymiles program which was one of the first frequent flyer miles program and offers different Medallion membership tiers which have different, conditions, rewards and features depending on exactly which tier you belong to.

Let's take a look below.

The Benefits of Different Medallion Tiers:

·      Silver Medallion Benefits: 25,000 qualified miles will get you many rewards. You can get unlimited upgrades on flight bookings, comfortable discount economyseats, cheap economy comfortable seats on transcontinental flights, low cost comfort economy seats, and you get the added benefit of getting on wait lists that are priority first. You also get a fifty percent First or Business Class MQM and mileage bonus, limitless rollover miles, 25% Medallion bonus mileage, a waiver of baggage fees, membership in the Sky Club that is discounted along with priority check ins.Low costpriority boarding also comes included, and  you will have Elite Sky Team status.

·      Gold Medallion Benefits:This requires 50,000 qualified miles.You will receive limitless upgrades when you are booking flights,limitless Medallion companion upgrades,cheap economy seating, and comfortable economy seats on transcontinental flights, economy comfort seats when you are flying domestic routes, and you are able to be put on waiting lists that have quick standby times. You will also getfifty percent First or Business Class MQM and mileage bonuses, limitless rollover miles, Medallion mileage bonuses at 100%, a waiver on baggage fees, and other great added benefits. You will also be able to access the sky lounge, which is something that members love.

·      Platinum Medallion Benefits:This requires 75,000 qualified miles, and you will also have limitless upgrades when you are booking flights. In addition, you will getlimitless Medallion companion upgrades, complimentary international comfort seats, economy comfort seating on transcontinental trips, and economy comfort seating on all domestic routes. You will also have access to be on priority wait lists, with same day service. Fifty percent in First or Business Class MQM and mileage bonuses are given as well. Further benefits include limitless rollover miles, Medallion mileage bonuses at 100%, a waiver baggage fees, a waiver of fees for same day confirmation and direct ticketing as well as priority check in and discounted memberships. There are many other benefits of Platinum Medallion as well.

·      Diamond Medallion Benefits:This requires 125,000 qualified miles, and you getlimitless upgrades when you are booking flights, limitless Medallion companion upgrades, international comfort seating, economy comfort seating when you are flying on transcontinental routes, and economy comfort seating when you are on domestic routes. You can also be placed on priority waiting lists, get quick standby times, get 50% First or Business Class MQM bonuses and mileage, limitless rollover miles, and a waiver on baggage fees. In addition, you can get waived confirmation fees, a waiver on direct ticketing fees, exclusive Sky Club membership, and priority check in service.  Priority boarding and priority security checks are also included. There are also many other things that you get when being classed as Diamond Medallion.

How Delta Skymiles Work?

Delta Skymiles is a customer loyalty program for frequent fliers and allows them to build up miles and later redeem those miles for travel upgrades and other rewards. It’s simple to enroll and you can do so online at their website.

Buying and Transferring Miles

You can transfer your own miles to a friend or simply gift them to a family member.

You can buy Delta Skymiles so that you can receive Award travel as well as rewards and various gift cards and complimentary goods.

What Kind of People Can Benefit from Delta SkyMiles?

Companies Can Benefit from the Delta SkyMilesProgram

Bosses can reward their employees with Skymiles as incentives for work well done and help them on those hectic business trip commutes; they can send thoseemployees Award Miles.

Award Miles Options:

·      They can award miles directly into their employees Skymiles member’s  account

·      With Delta’s bulk upload process Skymiles can easily be awarded to large lists of customers and employees

·      They can also award online and paper certificates so that the recipients can deposit the miles them self.

·      They can even award miles with pre-printed certificates with custom messages

·      With Delta’s system you personalize it so that recipients will associate their brand with the rewards they receive

·      They can award miles with unique codes which can then be redeemed by their employees or customers online

·      They can create an incentive for more purchases by putting unique codes on their package

Business people can also utilize Delta Skymiles to reap the benefits of having to travel on business frequently.

Regular People Can Benefit from the Delta Skymiles Program

People who travel often for reason other then business can also benefit from Delta Skymiles. People who travel often to visit family who live out of state or even out of country can take advantage of Delta Skymiles and use their miles towards free flights for their next visit, gifts and rewards they can share with their family, they can even gift someone Skymiles so that they can come for a visit instead.

Delta Skymiles is Beneficial for Frequent Fliers

Delta Skymiles assures that you are always getting something back each time you fly and that your miles will add up to great savings for you and your loved ones. So if you travel often, then Delta Skymiles via Delta Airlines may be just the right thing to look into. The benefits are great and the rewards are superior.


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