Getting Approved For a VA Loan with Credit Issues
You can easily procure a Veteran Administration (VA) loan if you are a veteran or a serviceman. The basic requirements are such as having served in peacetime or wartime, 181 or 90 consecutive days respectively.
You are not restricted if you are a reservist, as only a total of six years of service is required. A widow of a deceased war prisoner, veteran or spouse of a person missing in action for 90 days can also qualify.
The VA loan can help you acquire home ownership. Several factors make it ideal for a veteran with bad credit. Neither down payments nor mortgage insurance is necessary, and you are assured of getting the best available rates.
You can use the loan to buy, build or refurbish your home. You can even utilize it as a refinancing strategy for existing loans. The combined features of the VA loan are geared towards enhancing your capability of acquiring an expensive home that is within the limits of your budget. 
It is especially highly beneficial when you have a bad credit record. VA loans have been designed to grant applicants with bad credit ease of access. Financial institutions like banks, mortgage companies and lenders avail the loan facilities to the veterans and provide insurance and coverage of the lenders’ losses when there is default.
They act as guarantees to the lenders in case a borrower fails to meet their payment requirements and their loans go into default.
Stringent rules have been put in place by Veteran Administration for the procurement of these loans, but they are still the most lenient lenders compared to a majority of government agencies.
They make home ownership an affordable and safe process. As long as you have met the credibility criteria for acquiring the loans, you need not fret about getting approval.
 A VA certificate of eligibility is a necessity. The bank, mortgage or savings and loan companies that may provide you with a loan use this to gauge your eligibility. The certificate diminishes the risk, as the lenders are assured of the repayment of their money by VA.
Having a stable income generator will help you to acquire the loan. You also ought to have a current evaluation of your debt load and a review of your open credit lines. Your debt-income ratio is calculated and it must be below 41 percent. The amount you obtain is determined by your debt ratio. 
You increase your eligibility when you take steps to fix your credit. The loan sanction takes effect in a period of thirty days. This relies on your ability to meet the VA conditions in case of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy often features foreclosures, outstanding creditors and regular paybacks.
The loan is, in fact, a proactive way of your credit restoration. Once you have acquired the loan, you just open secured credit card accounts. The credit bureaus that rate credit are then able to observe your repayment activity, and this enhances a speedy credit recovery.
Your credit history, though bad, should reflect reliability in making punctual and regular loan repayments in the previous year. What’s more, the repayment should not be difficult challenge as the loan is provided at low interest rates, which are also very competitive. Furthermore, there are extremely lenient repayment guidelines for the underwriting of the loans.


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