What Are the Best Credit Cards?

The number of people who are embracing the use of credit cards is increasing every day. You will come across different cards, and they are all under different categories. The one you choose is determined by what you are planning to use it for. Cards can be obtained for people with good and bad credit. It really just depends on the type of bad debts that you have.

There's a lot of choices and too many companies to point out the best for a particular person, but let's dig in and I'll explain more about what you should be looking for when searching for the best credit card.

Cash Bank Credit Cards

  1. Blue cash every day is one of the best cash bank credit cards that you can have. When you have this card, it is easy to increase you credit history, and there are discounts that you will get from gas departments stores and supermarkets. This card has no limits, and the cash back is always gives you a bonus once you use about one thousand dollars in the first three months that you have received it.

  1. Citi divided card is another one and you will get a one hundred dollars if you are a daily reader of the daily market. Every time you use this card, you will be given 5% cash back immediately, and this means you will be saving as much as you can when using it. Once you have the card in the first twelve months, there will be a 0% balance transfers and also in the intro APR.

  1. Chase freedom credit card is the commonly used credit card, and you will get a great discount when shopping online. In every shopping you do with this card, you will be given a discount and at the end of the day, you will have saved some extra cash which you can use some other time. When your account is open and ready to use and you spend five hundred dollars, you will automatically get a bonus of 100 dollars cash back.

  1. Discover card, which is among the best credit cards, gives 5 % cash back in every purchase you make, be it in supermarkets or gas stations stores. During the first fifteen months, you will have a 0% APR introductory. When using this card on any other purchases, you will get a 1 % discount.

  1. Barclay master card, once you start using it, you will get five thousand points. It has no annual fee, and there is a 0$ introductory APR. It has no limits and redemption fee.

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

  1. Citi simplicity master card is the first one, and there is no payment during balance transfers. After 18 months, you will be required to pay 3% of the initial amount you are transferring, which is quite inexpensive. It also has a 0% introductory APR.

  1. Citi diamond preferred card has no cash transfer fee for new members. You will have private pass and extended warranties through this card. After some time, you will start paying 5 dollars for every transfer.

  1. Discover card is another one, and it also has a 0% balance transfer for new accounts. You will get 5% cash back when using the card to purchase items. You can redeem your points and get products at no cost.

  1. Discover more cards have an eighteen months promotional transfer on balances. There are no interests, and you are expected to pay ten dollars for transfers. Every time you buy anything, you will be given cash back, and this means you will be able to save more.

  1. NatWest /RBS is also one of the best zero balance credit card. During the first few months of using this card, you will be charged no fee on transfers. The duration is always twenty two months, after which you have to pay 3% of the amount transferred.


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