Are Prepaid Credit Cards Worth the Effort?

When your credit is good, you will find that you can get just about anything you want by signing your name on the dotted line and putting up collateral if it is a significant amount of money that you are applying for. However, those who don't have credit know that it can be a real struggle. If your credit is bad, you won't be able to get a credit card in most cases unless you choose a prepaid credit card option.

While these are not such a great option for those who have credit, they are a godsend to those that don't. A prepaid credit card will allow people with bad credit to do every day things that are now sometimes impossible unless you have a credit card. They are definitely worth the effort for those with bad credit.

Prepaid Credit Cards Allow People with No Credit Freedom They Deserve

·      Hotels: When you go to rent a hotel room, in most cases they will require a credit card before they will even rent you a room. Cash is not accepted at most of these establishments, because people take advantage, run up room bills or phone bills and then leave. Without a credit card on file, the hotel has no way to recoup the money which is why they require a credit card.  Even people with bad credit need a hotel room from time to time, so a prepaid credit card could be their savior in this instance.

·      Renting a Car: If you need to rent a car if you are going on vacation or have an accident, you will need a credit card. Cash is not accepted at most rental car places. A prepaid credit card will allow people the freedom to be able to rent a car just as people with good credit do.

·      Identification Purposes: If you go to a bank that you don't have an account at to cash a check, they will want two forms of ID. Usually they require a driver's license and a credit card with your name on it. In having a prepaid credit card, people will be able to cash their checks with ease.

·      Purchasing Items Online for Cheaper Amounts: Anytime you go to shop online, you can get better prices than a local store might offer and you can get sales tax breaks in some cases or free shipping. People that do not have a credit card are unable to take advantage of these deals to save money. A prepaid credit card will allow those with bad credit the opportunity and freedom to purchase items online just like anyone else.

Since prepaid cards are so easy to load, they are definitely worthwhile for those who are unable to get a traditional credit card. To load the card, all you have to do is pay money to the card at a pay location or load it from your bank account by transferring money to it. 


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