Home Depot Credit Card Facts

What the Home Depot Card Is

A Home Depot Card is a credit card issued by Home Dept and used primarily for homeowners to make purchases towards every day home improvement items and repairs and can be used for small to large business needs.

How Does a Home Depot Credit Card Work?

A Home Depot Credit Card works like any other credit card and has an accrued balance after you make your purchases that you will need to pay off, after you are approved you simply make a purchase at Home Depot with the Home Depot credit card like you would with any other card. Make sure that you always know your spending limit on any Credit Card regardless of the issuer.

What Kinds of Credit Cards Does Home Depot Offer?

Home Depot offers all different sorts of credit such as the Consumer Credit card for the average customer of Home Depot.  The Commercial Revolving Charge Card is typically used by businesses and professionals and the Commercial Account Credit Card is also usually implemented by professionals and business owners.

The Rundown of Each Home Depot Credit Card

Here is the rundown on what each Home Depot Credit card features and has to offer you

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card:

The Home Depot Consumer Credit card is ideal for the person who enjoys delayed interest payments and a flexible credit card, primarily used by every day customers and as the name suggests—consumers.

·      No interest if you pay the full balance within the first 6 months on made purchases of $299 or more

·      Rates as low as 17.99% to 26.99% APR

·      Penalty APR 29.99%

·      A minimum interest charge of $2.00

·      You can view and manage your account online and make payments at Homedepot.com

Home Depot Revolving Commercial Charge Card:

The Home Depot Revolving Commercial Charge card provides companies and business with credit flexibility and a means to purchase the goods they need and the option of paying it in inexpensive monthly installments or all at once.

·      No annual fees

·      Option to make small minimum payments monthly or the option to pay the balance in full

·      Itemized billing

·      The ability to track your purchases via a PO Number, a Job Number or Job Name

·      Free employee cards are available

·      You can manage, view and make payments on your account at their company website

Commercial Home Depot Account Credit Card:

The Commercial Home Depot Account Credit Card provides companies and business an easy way to receive detail information about employee spending and provides the option to better Control Company spending.

·      Simple to understand and read SKU itemized billing statements

·      The ability to track your purchases via a Job Name, PO Box or Job Number

·      Issue of special ID cards for authorized buyers

·      No annual fees

·      Payment is due in full every month

·      You can view and manage your account at HomeDepot.com and make payments

Is a Home Depot Card Right for You?

If you’re a home owner who needs to make repairs or improvements to your home but don’t have the money to make those repairs, then you should easily be able to benefit from a Home Depot card, particularly the Home Depot card as it is geared specifically towards consumers and has zero interest for the first 6 months on payments over $299.

And if you are a business owner then you too can benefit from the utilization of the Commercial Revolving Charge card or the Commercial Account credit card, either way your business will be on the right track.


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