How Does the Wal-Mart Card Work?

Wal-Mart credit cards are like any other credit card except for one simple fact and that is you can only use the credit card at only Wal-Mart. Now in saying that it can be used at any of the thousands of stores that Wal-Mart has and they now have two kinds of credit cards, the original one and one with Discover.

Let's take a good look at the details of this card.

The WalMart Discover Card

·      You can earn up to one percent on every single purchase you make

·      This card is accepted anywhere else as long as you see the Discover symbol

·      Save around fifteen cents on a gallon of gas at any Wal-Mart stores that participate in having a gas station

·      If you enroll on the electronic statement online you will get a free FICO score monthly

·      You can receive a cash advance on any purchase

·      There is zero annual fees

·      Zero fraud ability

The original Wal-Mart card has the same benefits as the Discover Wal-Mart card except for the first two that are mentioned. You can apply for any of these two cards or both at the same time if you want either online or at any Wal-Mart location. These cards are there for people who enjoy shopping at the store whether it is online or in person.

Wal-Mart also has a deals from time to time such as apply for a credit card now and once you spend one hundred dollars you could get back twenty dollars it all depends on how good your credit score is. A lot of people will choose this card also for the advantage of saving money when they pull their vehicle up to the pump for gas. The card is good for being able to keep up with your credit history and finding out if it is going up or something has happened and it dropped.

When having a Wal-Mart card you will also save money on purchases and sometimes during holidays they offer special deals. Also keep in mind that no matter which credit card you get from Wal-Mart you will be restricted with a certain credit line to start out but in time you can ask for an increase.

After you purchase items with a Wal-Mart card, there is the possibility of getting back up to sixty dollars in a cash advance. People also enjoy the fact that you can use the credit card at any Sam’s Club location because these two stores are affiliated with one another.

Most people also like the option of where and how they can make a payment on their Wal-Mart credit card you can send it through mail, do it online or at any Wal-Mart location at the customer service department. Wal-Mart is also very flexible with you and will let you choose the due date of your bill each month.

You will also have a twenty five day with a grace period which is helpful because this is interest free and a lot of people like that idea. If you are someone who likes to shop at Wal-Mart and do it often then you should apply now for one of their cards.


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