What Are the Best Credit Card Offers?

Credit cards can be a source of help for people that need the added assistance to make ends meet.  The best credit card offers tend to change every year with a fluctuating economy.The terms and conditions of credit cards change to meet the desires of consumers.

Some of these changes include lower interest rates, reduced fees and rewards. This of course does not mean the risks of using a credit card are any less. In fact, credit cards should be used responsibly with the idea that you are going to pay off the balance every month. 

When you pay off your balance every month, you stand the chance of earing maximum rewards for purchases too. If you do have a hefty balance on a credit card, it may be a good idea to transfer that balance to a credit card with a lower annual rate. In considering balance transfers or just obtaining a new credit card, you will want to keep in mind the best credit card offers available. 

Credit Cards with Cash Back

Chase Freedom Visa offers a cash back bonus of up to one hundred dollars. When you spend up to five hundred dollars with the first three months of obtaining this card, you get one hundred dollars credited to your statement. Add to that, the additional bonus of getting one percent cash back on your purchases and you have the chance of earning five percent cash back. There is no annual fee and people with good credit are offered a lower interest rate. 

A brand new credit card called Capital One Cash Rewards is quite unique. Everyone who uses their Capital One Cash Rewards card gets one percent cash back on all of their purchases and a fifty percent monetary bonus at the end of the year. What this means is that you will get one point five percent back on all of your purchases.

Capital One is also giving new card holder a zero percent annual introductory rate on all balance transfers and purchases until August in the year 2013. You can also earn a one hundred dollar bonus once you have spent five hundred dollars in purchases. This has to happen within the first three months of receiving the credit card.  The annual fee is waived, as well.

American Express – The Blue Case Preferred Card has great potential for earning the most money back. You get six percent cash back on all the money you spend on groceries, two percent for department store and gas purchases, and one percent for every other purchase.  There annual percent rate is zero percent for the introduction rate and is given to every cardholder for up to twelve months.

Another added bonus is the potential to earn one hundred and fifty dollars in cash once you spend one thousand dollars in the first three months of obtaining this credit card. The potential to make money back on your purchases is great; the only slight flaw with this program is that there is an annual fee of seventy five dollars.

The Citi Dividend Platinum Select Credit Card gives one hundred dollars cash back, as well.  You get an offer of five percent cash return on categories that rotate every year coupled with a continuous one percent cash back on any other purchases. For example, during any certain month your cash back bonus categories could include electronics stores, department stores and toy stores. There are no additional fees such as an annual fee or a fee to initiate this credit card.

Credit Cards with Balance Transfer Options

Slate from Chase is offering balance transfers with a zero percent introduction rate and APR for a total of fifteen months. The zero percent APR also applies to all purchases too.  There is no transfer fee for moving your balances either. Balance transfer fees tend to take a big bite out of your savings when you transfer them. This is not the case with Slate.There is no rewards program associated with this card so it is purely useful for balance transfers with a stellar interest rate.  No annual fees are associated with this credit card. 

The Citi Simplicity MasterCard offers an eighteen month, zero percent interest for balance transfers and any purchases. That gives you a whole year and a half to pay off your balance without a dime going to interest. There is a small fee of three percent interest for balance transfers, however. There is no charge for an annual fee. This card is good for people that are serious about paying off high balances with a minimal fee.

You can transfer your balances to the Discover More Card and reap the rewards. There is no interest on balance transfers for up to eighteen months, but there is a small three percent fee to transfer your balances. You can earn cash back for the first three thousand dollars you spend annually which increases your cash back level to one percent for every purchase you make thereafter. The rewards program rotates throughout the year to give you the opportunity to earn more cash back on certain purchases. There is no annual fee, which makes this deal even sweeter.

The Platinum Prestige Credit Card by Capital One allows for zero percent introductory rates on any balance transfers and purchases that take place until November of the year 2013. That gives you fifteen months of time to transfer balances of other credit cards with a transfer fee of three percent. No annual fee is charged either. The APR changes after the introductory rate expires and remains in the lower category of ten to eighteen percent dependent upon your credit history. 

All of these credit card deals are good in their own right. As a consumer you need to be responsible and pick the deal that is right for you and your credit situation. Even when transferring balances, you should have a plan to pay down any debt owed. Once you do this, you can use the card and utilize its maximum potential.

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