Justice For Bucky - Arlington Cop Kills Small Dog

Here we are, again. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I wrote about Cisco, the dog who was shot by a "Police Officer" who clearly has a sick and twisted mind. A "man" who should not be allowed to carry a gun at all.

This one hits home, as it's right down the street from where I once lived.

In fact, in that article about Cisco, I mentioned how an Officer was ready to pull out his gun on my Golden Retriever after they showed up at my house...the wrong address. Luckily for him, myself and my dog - I yelled loud enough for him to hear me that my dog was the least vicious dog on the planet (Probably not far from the truth), as all hell would have broken loose and I don't know if I would be walking free today. My dog, like so many Americans, is my family. They're not some useless item that can be used as a target practice. I will protect them at all costs and I would most likely snap if something happened to my family, just like most caring individuals.

Unfortunately, there's another "Police Officer" who has disgraced an entire Police Department. This time it's Jesse Davis, an Arlington (Texas) Officer who killed a dog that barely outweighed the gun he used to commit this heartless crime. It's disturbing that this grown man decided that he was so scared of this little dog that he opened fire in front of little children and an entire family. Bucky's family.

Here's an image of Arlington Police Department's Jesse Davis

So, why is this guy still wearing a badge and carrying a gun? If this grown MAN is scared enough to pull out a gun on a small dog and open fire around little kids, how in the world are residents supposed to feel safe in the city of Arlington? If this guy can't handle a little dog, why is he on the APD in the first place? Are they that desparate that they will hire any schmuck who can only handle himself with a gun, even if it's a little puppy?

Why would the City of Arlington not condemn this behaviour? 

He shot this LITTLE DOG 5 TIMES. Twice to kill Bucky, 3 times after he was already dead.

Residents should have fear of reporting any crime that occurs in Arlington because of Cops like Jesse Davis. I feel that these types of actions are on the same level of the LAPD back in the 90's, because these are the types of guys who give an entire PD a bad rap. They have that "little man syndrome," where they feel the need to "Serve and Protect the sh*t out of you" until everything is complete in their twisted little world. No rules, no heart, no worries. 

They will get off without even a slap on the wrist, so who cares if some family and their children are absolutely devastated? Why does it matter that there "could have" been little children injured or killed by the aggressive, sadistic behaviour?

Let's just wait until that happens...and then we'll figure it out then, and maybe people like Jesse Davis will get a slap on the wrist.

This is the type of attitude that will one day lead to an innocent man, woman or child getting shot for no reason. These are not the types of attitudes we need patrolling our streets. Arlington has little crime compared to where I grew up (Southern California), but it creates paranoia when you have to fear that a cop could jump into your back yard, or walk up to your front door, and shoot your family pet because he/she was "barking" at them.

It's absurd and it needs to change, like last decade. I feel that guys like Jesse Davis have no empathy, which should be needed in a job like that. I'm sure there's plenty of people that would disagree, as they may deal with criminals. But let me assure you that I have never seen a dog that stands around 12" from the ground pull out a weapon or severely injure a person.

The Arlington Police Department doesn't seem to care about a Family being devastated. They're only there to "protect the citizens," not their pets.

Let's take a look at Jesse Davis' investigations...

This is the type of guy that we have "protecting" our City, Arlington? Out of all of the brave men and women protecting this City, you allow a guy like this to walk around with a gun and badge? A man who shoots a small dog 5 times in front of little kids? A man who has already killed another dog just 2 years prior to this incident?

That's not the most disturbing image I've found, unfortunately.

Remember that whole part about Officer Jesse Davis shooting the dog in front of the family, including little children just a few sentences above? Look at what the 5 year old drew:

That would make most caring adults realize that it's pretty clear that these kids have been devastated on many levels.

This CRIME should not go unpunished. This should move forward at full speed until this Officer gets what he deserves and justice is served.

What I am now asking of every reader is to please do the following:

1. Please sign this petition and this petition

2. "Like" JusticeForBucky on Facebook

3. Contact the Arlington's Mayor Cluck and express your concern over this matter.

Just a few minutes out of your day may help save your beloved pet as it will increase awareness throughout cities across America.

While there's nothing that will bring Bucky back, we have rights in this country and this man had no right to do what he did. I am all for Bucky's family suing the hell out of this man, the Arlington Police Department and the City of Arlington. It will be another step into helping prevent ignorant, mentally challenged cops, who believe they're above the law.

As someone with many friends in Law Enforcement (on many levels), Government and the Military, I fully respect the jobs they do and the challenges they face, but incidents like these are absolutely ridiculous and they bring down the hard working, real men and women who don't use their jobs to release their frustrations on the world.


over 11 years ago

Again, this is not a shot at all cops or the Arlington Police Department. In fact, I know of several Arlington cops that do a great job and actually care about their community. We need more men and women like them out there, not people like Jesse Davis.

over 11 years ago

Here is another dog that was killed in Ft. Worth, just 1 city over: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/05/28/3991473/owners-of-dog-killed-by-officer.html

This is getting out of hand. These cops need to be stripped of their badges.

over 11 years ago

I have written a new article regarding the Arlington Police Departments attempt to cover this shooting up.


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