How to Create a Repeat Customer Thank You Letter

People say that the customer is the king of market. Now, let’s modify this a bit: Your present customers are the king of your own market niche. Isn’t this true? Your current or repeating customers are quite loyal to you; so you just cannot afford to forget them in the quest of getting new customers.

One of the ways to remember them is to express gratitude towards them periodically for their patience and allegiance so that a strong rapport is built and maintained. If they were not there, your business might have not survived to earn you a livelihood. One of the better ways to appreciate your repeating customers is writing them thank you letters. Can there be another economical or elegant way to show that you still admire them?

However, writing a Thank You letter is an art that must be practiced by all business owners. It might seem very easy to write Thank You, but it is a bit difficult in the sense that the letter must be designed in such a way that it makes an impact on the heart of the repeating customers. So, here are some instructions on writing a heart-felt Thank You letter!

Consider writing a letter with your own hands on a notepaper of your company. Although you can take a print of a soft copy, writing with your hands shows a very strong sentiment towards your customers. Ensure that the company’s information is only printed on it, rest all should be in writing, right from salutation to your signature at the end! Because it is a hand-written letter, keep in mind that clear hand writing and quality pen are essential!

Write the letter in a tone such that it shows respect and care for each customer. For example, if you are writing for the customers whom you do not know personally, it is recommended to be formal by writing a traditional salutation: ‘Dear Mr. George.’ Otherwise, just writing ‘Dear George’ is best if you know your customers personally or tend to interact with them face-to-face quite frequently.

Show that you are aware of what your customer likes. For example, you can write: “I thank you for buying <> (product) from <> (shop) on <> (date). This is the second time you have purchased this product and I am really happy to know that it is useful for you.”

While thanking your customer, try to mention something that can be interesting to your customer. For example, it could be suggesting her or him about a similar new product or updating about a new product or branch launch. For instance, after thanking her or him for using a particular service, you can write: "Since you enjoyed our <> (product), I would also like to suggest our new _____ (product) that is our latest release in the line that interests you the most.”

Try including some freebies to show that extra touch of concern. For example, you can say, “I am enclosing a 15% off coupon to thank you for your loyalty and allegiance.”

Hope these instructions will help you write the most effective thank you letter!


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