How to Sustain Your Competitive Advantage Via Superior Customer Service

There are a lot of complications in starting and keeping a business afloat. Profit is the main prospect. But how does a particular business continue to gain profits? Business owners and marketers used to focus on their products and services.

They turn on their brand for tangible proof of their superiority over the competition. While there is nothing wrong with this strategy, it can be ineffective. This is why the marketing industry has made a complete turn and start focusing on what they were leaving out, the center of it all.

So how do businesses keep their competitive edge sustainable? It is actually as simple as paying attention to the consumers who have the purchasing and the power of choice. And an excellent customer service can be the business’ competitive advantage. Indeed, customer service plays a vital role in the success of businesses. And it goes across industries.

The consumer market has certainly become more demanding. They are hailed as kings and queens of the market. And they are not to be ignored. It is essential for businesses to recognize and realize that consumers are looking for a unique and pleasant experience. And it is very important for a business to identify all key points of contact with the customer to make sure the entire experience becomes delightful. In every step of the way, consistent and reliable customer service is expected.

Customer service is a broad term that is used to cover all the contact points of the brand to the consumers. If a customer goes to the store to ask for the product, the sellers at the store become an immediate contact between the company and the customer. If they had a lousy experience at the merchant in an effort to get their hands on the product, the bad experience is automatically connected to the product itself.

When the customer finds it difficult to operate or use the purchased product or has an inquiry, it is vital that he can ask someone for help via phone or email, the fastest and most convenient way possible. This only goes to show that if a brand wants to please the customer, it has to make sure that the experience is nothing more but pleasant and easy. And customer service is at the center of this effort.

The moment a new brand is introduced, it makes a promise to the customer. The consumers then come up with their own set of expectations. If the brand manages to top the expectations or even go beyond it, it automatically stamps a mark on the consumer mind. And this is what businesses should aim for.

A product can only go as far as answering a need. But this is not the only thing that consumers base their judgment on. Market leaders think ahead. They know how to satisfy and exceed the expectations of their target market. They are smart to provide something extra. They go beyond what is asked of them and they do so by providing excellent customer service.


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